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Woman rips down fan's sign at Drake concert after it was blocking her view from $700 seat

Woman rips down fan's sign at Drake concert after it was blocking her view from $700 seat

You know what, she didn't pay to go and see a sign!

A woman took matters into her own hands after finding her view blocked at a concert.

Unless you get yourself booked into a good seat with a clear view, some venues can throw out unexpected obstructions, which let's just say might hinder your appreciation of the performance.

Whether it's finding yourself stuck behind a column or just at an awkward angle, cheap seats can be a gamble. But while one woman paid $700 for her ticket to see rapper Drake perform, she ended up facing a wholly different obstruction.

While it wasn't a column or bad view, in their enthusiasm another fan had brought along a sign to show to Drake.

It's not clear what the sign actually said, as the only thing that is visible in the video posted to TikTok is the back of the sign.

That's it. Just the sign and no Drake, at least not for this concertgoer.

Nonetheless, she was not to be deterred and decided to take matters into her own hands.

The sign was blocking the view.

The incident was documented in a clip posted to TikTok, with the caption "POV: you paid $700 to stare at the back of a sign at the Drake concert."

In the middle of concert, while Drake can be seen performing on stage she reaches over and snatches the sign away from the person in front, clearing her view to the stage.

In fairness, in a packed auditorium it's not like she could just budge over to one side, or ask them to put it down as it was too loud.

People were quick to share their views on the matter in the comment section on social media, and many of them were supportive of her impromptu decision to take the sign.

One person wrote: "Cheers to concert etiquette! Don’t gab during concerts. Don’t hold up signs."

She snatched the sign from the person in front.

A second person wrote: "Some artists like the signs but they have spots in the show for fans to show them as to not causes issues."

A third person posted: "I would have done the same damn thing."

One person also highlighted that due to the distance it would be unlikely that Drake would even see the sign.

They wrote: "He’s not seeing that sign. Way too far."

It's still better than a pillar though, there's no snatching that away, unless you want to literally bring the house down.

Featured Image Credit: @Chicks/TikTok

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