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Taylor Swift pauses Eras Tour concert for a heartwarming surprise proposal

Taylor Swift pauses Eras Tour concert for a heartwarming surprise proposal

Taylor Swift took a moment during the first night of her Eras Tour performances in Edinburgh to congratulate two fans she saw 'get engaged'

People are flooding to social media in awe after Taylor Swift paused one of her Eras Tour concerts after spotting 'somebody get engaged'.

Swift took to the stage for the first night of her Eras Tour in Edinburgh last night (8 June), however, she paused the show to take a moment to congratulate two fans after seeing them 'get engaged' during the gig.

In a video posted to X by @tayblessings, Swift can be seen wearing a billowing green dress on stage, with a guitar lying against the wall by her side.

As one of her songs draws to an end, she takes a moment to address the crowd.

She says: "I love performing this entire show in the sunlight, because I'm pretty sure I just saw somebody getting engaged over here."

Swift paused her concert to congratulate the couple (X/ @tswifterastour)
Swift paused her concert to congratulate the couple (X/ @tswifterastour)

Swift then points over to an area in the crowd, questioning: "Did it happen?"

Seemingly having gotten confirmation from the couple or crowds around them, the singer raises her hands in the air and beams, cheering in celebration.

She continues: "You have no idea. I never get to see that cos it's like dark usually at night, but it's not right now, so congratulations. I saw that whole thing. Man that's amazing. Thanks for doing that at my concert, that's a big moment, huge."

Indeed, Daily Record reports the surprise proposal took place as the star sung 'Cardigan'.

And it's not taken long for people to flood online in praise of Swift's response and to congratulate the happy couple.

One X user said: "She's so cute."

"Awww that's so cute," another added.

A third commented: "I’m just trying to imagine getting engaged and Taylor Swift being one of the very first people to celebrate with me and congratulate me. That would be so surreal."

"I just love her for calling that out and making that special moment even better for them!!!!!" A fourth added.

And a fifth wrote: "The way i moved seeing her name and engaged in the same sentence omg."

Indeed, Swift is currently dating NFL star Travis Kelce and the pair have been going strong, with many fans keeping their ears peeled for any updates to their ongoing romance.

So far, Swift has been supporting Kelce at some of his games and Kelce has also been spotted at Swift's concerts - one of which is where their romance actually first started, Kelce receiving a text after Swift performed at his home stadium.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/X/@DailyTSwiftNews

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