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Pink says she really regrets releasing that one SpongeBob SquarePants song

Pink says she really regrets releasing that one SpongeBob SquarePants song

She says 'We Got Scurvy' was a 'real mistake'.

Pink has reflected on her incredible career thus far and she has at least two regrets.

She's released nine studio albums, 57 singles, 52 music videos, one live record, six compilation albums and a bunch of other material.

Surely, there would be one or two songs in there that you might look back on and think 'mmm, maybe we should have kept that one in the vault'.

The 44-year-old definitely has that and it comes from an unlikely source.

During an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Pink said 'We’ve Got Scurvy' is one of the worst songs she's ever done.

The track appeared in a SpongeBob SquarePants episode titled 'Truth or Square'.

In the song, she sings: “Our gums are black. Our teeth are falling out. We’ve got spots on our back, so give it up and shout.

"We’ve got scurvy. We need some vitamin C. We’ve got scurvy. We need a lemon tree.”

Not only did she make a song all about the disease, but she also put out a music video for it where she was dressed as a pirate.

Pink told The LA Times: “I wish I never did that. That was a real mistake.”

She also said her 2012 song 'True Love' is among the worst tracks she's released.

It features English singer Lily Allen and focuses on Pink's relationship with her husband, Carey Hart.

While Billboard said that 'True Love' 'deserves to one of Pink's signature songs', she's now reflected on it and feels it's too 'mean'.

“Carey’s got thick skin, but I owe him a love song," she explained.


While she was able to single out her worst songs, she's also given a shoutout to her favorites.

"Best, maybe 'So What' or 'Get the Party Started'? 'So What' was fun from start to finish — writing it, singing it, performing it, the video," she said.

"It was part of what got Carey and I back together."

Pink also explained why she prefers to do her hair-raising aerial stunts during her live performances, which has become her brand.

"I’m afraid of heights, and I don’t want to be afraid," she said.

"I’ve been in some situations that don’t feel good. I wonder every night if my bungees are gonna work. But it’s a cool way to go if they don’t."

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