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P!nk explains why she does crazy acrobatics at her concerts

P!nk explains why she does crazy acrobatics at her concerts

P!nk is known for her wild and crazy live performances. And in a latest interview, the 'So What' singer has explained why she does them.

Nothing beats watching live music, does it? Whether that is a worldwide name in a massive stadium or an up-and-coming artist with a guitar performing in your local pub.

P!nk certainly falls into the former category, having entertained fans with her wild music for many a year now.

And any of those who have been lucky enough to see the 'Trust a Try' singer live, you'll know that things can get pretty spectacular.

Just earlier this year, fans were left gobsmacked at P!nk flying around above the crowds at one of her concerts.

Clips of P!nk flying across her audiences went viral, showing her singing while doing somersaults in the air.

Truly impressive stuff.

Now, P!nk herself has explained why she decides embarking on some crazy tricks during her life performances in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Yep, that's P!nk in the air.
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

While she may seem pretty cool and collective performing the high notes while upside down in the air, P!nk has revealed she 'absolutely' has moments of fear where she is performing them wild stunts.

She said: "That’s why I started doing it — because I’m afraid of heights, and I don’t want to be afraid. I’ve been in some situations that don’t feel good. I wonder every night if my bungees are gonna work. But it’s a cool way to go if they don’t."

As you'd probably expect, the singer's family do get rather nervous when she performs the stunts, with P!nk revealing her son Jameson is usually the one most concerned.

Over the years, P!nk has built up a reputation for wild stunts during her concerts, to the point where people would feel something was missing if she just performed on-stage.

So does the pressure for craziness get to the singer? Well, she told all in the latest interview.

Pretty speculator, eh?
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

When asked by the Los Angeles Times if she finds it difficult to live up to her own reputation as a performer, P!nk said: "It’s a gift. I love setting the bar higher and higher and higher.

"But I come from a Broadway, theatrical, rock ’n’ roll background. So, for me, you can do all that s**t, and maybe people expect it.

"But you gotta be able to break it down and make it about the music. It’s about the lyrics and the song. That’s why I have a rock band and why I always have an acoustic section in the show."

Featured Image Credit: Gilbert Flores/Billboard via Getty Images/ X / @spikeluvr

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