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Juice WRLD's ex-girlfriend Ally Lotti allegedly tries to sell their sex tape on OnlyFans
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@allylotti / Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Juice WRLD's ex-girlfriend Ally Lotti allegedly tries to sell their sex tape on OnlyFans

Juice WRLD died in 2019

Juice WRLD's former fiancée is reportedly selling a sex tape they made.

The 'Lucid Dreams' rapper tragically died in 2019 at the age of 21.

It was later revealed that he died from a drug overdose, collapsing shortly after getting off his private jet in Chicago's Midway airport.

At the time of his untimely passing, Juice WLRD - real name Jarad Anthony Higgins - was engaged to Instagram influencer Ally Lotti.

They started dating in 2018.

Now, over four years on from his death, Lotti is said to be selling a sex tape they made on OnlyFans.

Speaking out on the matter, the 29-year-old alleges that she's being threatened with the tape being leaked - so has decided to release it herself.

"Hackers are trying to threaten me to leak my old sex tape with my ex fiance Juice WRLD," she's said to have written on her OnlyFans page, as per TMZ.

"IDGAF anymore. I’ll leak it myself. It’s a long time since I have been f**ked rough with some big black c*ck like this.

"I am so mad that I am adding every nude I ever sent him. I know you will at least enjoy it. Can’t believe I am actually sending this but I can’t be threatened anymore."

People are reportedly able to purchase the tape for $29.99.

Juice WRLD's former fiancée Ally Lotti is said to be selling their sex tape.

While Lotti has tried to justify her decision to sell the tape after Juice WLRD's death, music fans have criticized her.

"It’s pretty gross to sell a video of someone you loved when they’re not here to consent, regardless of gender. So disrespectful," one person said online.

"Let’s be real here, there are no 'hackers' she just wants to make money from a guy that isn’t here to stop it. Very sad," suggested another.

"I feel bad for his family," a third added, while someone else described the OnlyFans creator as doing it for 'outrageous attention seeking'.

Ally Lotti is an OnlyFans content creator and Instagram influencer.

In posts shared following Juice WRLD's death, Lotti described the late rapper as her 'twin flame'.

Sharing a series of snaps of them together on Instagram in February 2020, Lotti penned: "First time I ever even heard or/talked to you was a cpl valentine days ago, never thought I would would b writing a post w out you next to me to take my phone and write my caption for me. But I feel you here, my twin flame. our love is unmatched [sic]."

Lotti is reported to now be dating Carter Jamison.

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