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Jay-Z hints he may never make music again after his last album in 2018
Featured Image Credit: CBS Mornings

Jay-Z hints he may never make music again after his last album in 2018

The rapper has opened up about whether he's set to make more music

Whether Jay-Z will make any more music could be up in the air, according to the musician.

Jay-Z's last solo album came out in 2017 and his collaborative album with Queen B, Beyoncé - who's also married to the rapper - came out in 2018.

Since then, fans have yet to hear much of a peep out of the 53-year-old, but can we be expecting any new tunes soon? Prepare to contain your excitement - or disappointment - Jay-Z fans:

People have certainly been getting impatient, fans of the rapper flooding to social media to question when he's set to release his next album.

One X - formerly known as Twitter - user said: "Really waiting for the next Jay-Z album man, 4:44 beats and lyrics were just exquisite."

"Jay-Z next album probably gonna be a nft," another added.

A third said: "I genuinely believe Jay-Z has the potential to drop his best album next."

Fans have been waiting for another release, but not everyone's convinced it's going to happen.

CBS Mornings' Gayle King asked the musician: "The question that everybody has is: Is there a part of you that thinks, 'It's time for me to get back in the studio', or you're in no rush to do that? Are you waiting until the time is right for you?

"'Cause we can't use the word retirement for you."

Jay-Z responded: "No, I already did that. I can't do that again.

"I'll say I want to make music, but it has to be something important. I don’t want to just make a bunch of tunes. That’s not gonna serve me. It won’t feed me, first of all."

Jay-Z has revealed what it would take for him to release new music.
CBS Mornings

Jay-Z explained if he is going to get back in the studio to record new music, he has to be saying 'something important'.

"It has to mean something," he adds. "You know it has to mean something to the larger, a larger society."

The rapper exemplifies 4:44 - his thirteenth studio album - noting it was 'a personal story' to him.

He continues: "But the amount of vulnerability in there allowed for a lot of people to explore the space."

Jay-Z last released music with Beyoncé.
Getty Images/ Corbis/ Corbis

Fans remain hopeful Jay-Z will find a way to make music in the future which 'means something'.

One Instagram user wrote: "Whenever Jay-Z has dropped an album, it’s always been an event to me! He’ll have something important to say! I’m sure at some point, Jay will release new music! I’m patiently awaiting for when it does happen!"

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