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There's a secret hidden message when you play Eminem's My Name Is backwards
Featured Image Credit: Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records / TikTok/@senoralec

There's a secret hidden message when you play Eminem's My Name Is backwards

The real question is did Eminem mean to put the secret message into the song?

People are flooding to social media in shock after only just realising the hidden message in one of Eminem's hit songs.

There's many reasons Eminem is known as the Rap God, whether it be him setting a world record for 'most words in a hit single' in 2014 - alas, since having been taken over - or the ferocity with which he hits back at enemies with various diss tracks.

However, fans of the 'Mockingbird' musician are now being left dumbfounded over their latest discovery in one of his songs.

Prepare to never look at 'My Name Is' in the same way again:

Eminem's 'My Name Is' first came out in 1999 as the opening song and lead single of the rapper's second album The Real Slim Shady LP.

It's been included in multiple top 100 lists of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time despite Eminem later speaking out about the popularity of the song, telling Rolling Stone he made it in more of a jokey way and wished other songs with his 'real, true feelings and emotion' in received more attention.

And once you realise the secret message hidden inside 'My Name Is,' you might just understand what Eminem is on about.

He's not known as the Rap God for nothing.
Getty Images/ Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic

Fans of the rapper have been flooding to social media after realising if you play the song backwards - hearing Eminem sing 'My Name Is' - it sounds like he's answering the rest of the sentence.

TikToker Alec - who goes by @senoralec on the platform - has broken this down in more detail, getting the actual track up on his computer screen and demonstrating what happens when you cut a section of the song and then reverse it.

And sure enough, when you play it back, it does sound like Eminem is saying his own name - 'My Name Is' sounding like 'Eminem' when sung backwards.

Whether the rapper meant to answer the rest of the sentence in a secret hidden reverse message? Well, who knows. Either way, that's not stopped fans of his music feeling mind-blown by the discovery.

Your mind when you realise what part of the song sounds like backwards.
Getty Images/ Kevin Sabitus

One TikTok user wrote: "Wow that's crazy."

"This is insane," another said.

However, a third commented: "I’m hearing 'Hear me now'."

And on whether it was purposeful or not, a user wrote: "THE FACT THAT HE DIDNT MEAN TO DO THAT TOO LMFAO."

Alec responded: "It’s Eminem. Chances are he definitely meant to do that lol."

So, what do you think?

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