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Marshmello Appears To Confirm What He Looks Like Under Mask

Marshmello Appears To Confirm What He Looks Like Under Mask

Marshmello has seemingly revealed his identity by liking a fan's tweet.

Marshmello has seemingly revealed his identity by liking a fan's tweet.

The faceless American music producer and DJ, known for hits such as Happier and Alone, has remained anonymous throughout his career, not wanting to take his helmet off because '[he] doesn't want or need fame' and is simply 'genuinely trying to create something positive for people to connect with'.

However, people believe Marshmello has finally confirmed his identity by liking a fan's thirsty post on Twitter.

Could this be the man behind Marshmello? (

On Sunday, 15 May, a fan took to the social media platform to post images of who they believe to be the real Marshmello.

The caption reads: "Marshmello can get it anytime any day anywhere im serious."

And who should like the post, but musician Christopher Comstock.

While Comstock has worked hard to keep the identity of Marshmello under wraps, his name has popped up before.

In 2015, Skrillex's phone rang during an interview with Katie Couric.

Couric stated the caller was someone called Chris, and Skrillex – real name Sonny John Moore – responded: "Oh Marshmello".

The interview slip-up led to an article titled 'Unmasking Marshmello: The Real Identity Of The $21 Million DJ' being published in Forbes.

Comstock and Marshmello's identical birth dates – 19 May, 1992 – and tattoos were mentioned in the exposé.

The article also noted how the pair often appeared in the same places at roughly the same time.

Despite Forbes stating it could 'conclusively report that they are the same person', the paper's and fans' suspicions were never confirmed by the musician.

As well as Comstock liking a fan's post featuring images of him and calling him Marshmello, he also shared a video on TikTok that shows a person appearing in the background wearing the iconic Marshmello helmet.

However, as one viewer noted: "Anyone can put the helmet on."

The DJ's Wikipedia page now also features Comstock's name.

In the track, Shockwave, Marshmello uses his own voice.

He told the Grammy Awards Recording Academy: "[It's] not really about following a person around and watching everything they do.

"It’s just listening to music, seeing the helmet and things that I say, which is fine, but I don’t think it’s about specifically who I am."

Marshmello's manager also told Forbes that coming up with the DJ's brand was about making something 'that is accessible to everybody' and someone who 'everyone can relate to'.

Back in 2017, Marshmello tweeted: "The helmet makes me marshmello and also makes you marshmello... we are all marshmello."

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