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Lil Wayne Couldn't Believe His Ears After Being Told MTV's List Of Top 5 Rappers

Lil Wayne Couldn't Believe His Ears After Being Told MTV's List Of Top 5 Rappers

The rapper's shook by who’s on there… or should we say, who’s not on there.

A video has emerged showing the moment Lil Wayne finds out MTV’s list of top five rappers - and he’s shocked by who’s on there… or should we say, who’s not on there. 

In the throwback clip, which was shared on the YouTube account Daily_Rap, the 39-year-old rapper – real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. – asks who’s number one on the list. 

When he finds out it’s Jay-Z, he says, ‘That’s cool, that’s okay.’ The host then reveals Drake’s number three, to which he responds, ‘That’s okay, I thought Drake was going to be number one.’

But then the host drops another bombshell:

He reveals: Eminem’s not on the list. 

‘Eminem? Who else is on the list?’ he asks, which is met with the answer ‘Gucci’. Lil Wayne then asks, ‘Gucci who? Gucci Mane was on the list and Eminem wasn’t on there?... Shoutout to my n***** Gucci!’

Safe to say he appears surprised by the revelation, and fans were quick to comment on his shocked reaction. 

‘His face when he said “Gucci who” was PRICELES,’ said one user, while another wrote, ‘When a man’s voice goes up an octave it’s usually because he just heard some s**t he couldn’t believe.’

Others praised Lil Wayne for always swerving the drama, including this person who commented, ‘Smart move Wayne realised everyone has their opinion and it isn't worth starting unnecessary drama over.’

Another wrote, ‘He wanted to say the list was bulls**t but he didn't want to disrespect anyone. MUCH respect to him.’

Lil Wayne (YouTube/Daily_Rap)
Lil Wayne (YouTube/Daily_Rap)

And that is the right way to be famous.

Last year, Lil Wayne spoke out about his mental health struggles, revealing he attempted suicide when he was barely a teenager.

The rapper has previously referred to his mental health struggles in his songs, and in an appearance on Emmanuel Acho’s Uncomfortable Conversations podcast opened up further about his experience.

During the conversation, he told Acho that he first realised he was struggling when he was around 10 years old, before attempting suicide aged just 12.

Wayne gave details about the attempt, which he says he made while he was home alone on a half-day from school, explaining he survived because he 'got a little too scared'.

‘Biggie was on. I’m looking in the mirror, so you could look through the mirror and the television was behind me,’ he recalled. ‘So I was watching the video through the mirror. One More Chance was on. And Biggie was already gone or something. So I was looking, I was like, ‘You know what?’ [I] start thinking I had to get myself mad and noticed that I didn’t have to. That’s what scared me.’

The rapper went on to say that he called the police, who initially stepped over him to look through his room for drugs and weapons, before one officer, who he called ‘Uncle Bob’, picked him up and took him to the hospital.

Thankfully, Wayne was able to get the help he needed, and is now in a good place with his mental health, telling Acho he feels ‘so happy’ with his life.

He added that he’d made the decision to appear on the podcast as he was 'hoping he can help anyone else out there who’s dealing with any mental health problem', and urged parents of kids who might be struggling with mental health issues to ‘think’ about how they can best react for their children.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, please don’t suffer alone. Call Samaritans for free on their anonymous 24-hour phone line on 116 123

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Dailycollection/YouTube

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