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Kanye West Raps X-Rated Line About Morgan Freeman And Is Joined By Marilyn Manson During Wild Album Stream

Kanye West Raps X-Rated Line About Morgan Freeman And Is Joined By Marilyn Manson During Wild Album Stream

West's rhyme with Morgan Freeman has to be heard to be believed.

Kanye West once again brought out Marilyn Manson for his latest Donda listening party, in which he made an NSFW rhyme with 'Morgan Freeman'.

Donda 2 was originally set to hit West's Stem Player platform last night on '22/2/22'. As expected, this drop failed to materialise, leaving excited fans fuming. Instead, the rapper's latest event has been marred in controversy.

The rapper threw a listening party for his sequel to 2021's Donda at the LoanDepot Park in Miami. Manson, real name Brian Warner, who's been accused of rape, sexual assault, and physical and psychological abuse by multiple women, made another appearance alongside West.

In August last year in the lead-up to Donda's release, West included Manson and DaBaby at his third listening party. Despite facing intense criticism — which he brushed off as part of 'cancel culture' — he brought Manson out again last night.

This also came on the same day as the first trailer dropped for Phoenix Rising, a new documentary chronicling Evan Rachel Wood's relationship with the musician, in which the Westworld star claims she was 'essentially raped on camera' in a music video for Manson's Heart-Shaped Glasses.

Earlier responding to people's complaints about working with Manson, West said, 'All the Me Too... like, when I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby right after both of them got cancelled, for five songs, you know, it’s like they can’t cancel us all... and also, there’s women who’ve been through really serious things, pulled in alleys against their will – that’s different than a hug, but it’s classified as the same thing.'

Sci-Fi, a new track on Donda 2, also features a jaw-dropping rhyme with Freeman. 'When you lay down and I gave you the semen, I swear I heard God, the voice of Morgan Freeman,' West raps, referencing the actor's performance in Bruce Almighty.

While West's music often earns plaudits from fans and critics alike, this particular line hasn't landed. 'The real Donda 2 question is — which line did Kanye come up with first? Did want to namecheck Morgan Freeman, and somehow settled on semen or did he want to mention semen and found his way to Morgan Freeman?' one user wrote.

'Kanye said he heard Morgan Freeman when he nut,' another joked. 'Kanye just rhymed Morgan Freeman with semen, I'm done listening to music,' a third wrote. 'When yo girl don’t want you back an you start saying dumb shit. Morgan Freeman really Kanye,' a fourth wrote.

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