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Drake Absolutely S**ts Himself Over A Bee In Hilarious Video

Drake Absolutely S**ts Himself Over A Bee In Hilarious Video

The rapper was spotted trying to avoid the bee during a trip to France

Drake made clear he was absolutely not a fan of God's Plan to send a bee his way in a brilliant video filmed during his trip to Saint-Tropez, France.

When it comes to bees, there are two types of people. Those who act like they know the bee's Wants and Needs and remain calm and collected, claiming 'it'll go if you just ignore it', and those who start to throw out some moves like a bad break dancer in a bid to get the insect away from them.

Given that the Canadian rapper appeared to be just seconds away from saying 'Hold On, We're Going Home' in the clip, it's safe to say he falls into the latter category.

Check out Drake's evident bee Trust Issues below:

In the video, which has been shared widely online after being filmed by an onlooker, Drake can be seen sitting at a table and violently throwing himself back and forth to escape the bee while other members of his crew tried to Take Care of the insect by swatting at it with napkins.

Hopefully the rapper's moves aren't demonstrative of his One Dance because they don't really go far to make him look cool, but Drake made clear he wasn't willing to Laugh Now Cry Later if the bee stung him as he spoke about the situation on Instagram.

Responding to a post including the video, the rapper wrote: "I hate bees on god."

Drake responded to the video to confirm he 'hates' bees.

The bee's actions looked pretty Nonstop in the clip, but hopefully it eventually flew away and left Drake to enjoy himself, maybe with a bit of Passionfruit.

Okay, that last one was admittedly a bit of a stretch, but I'm sticking with it.

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Featured Image Credit: nick_sorrillo/Instagram

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