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Dave Grohl Appears To Reveal New Taylor Hawkins Tattoo During Surprise Glastonbury Appearance

Dave Grohl Appears To Reveal New Taylor Hawkins Tattoo During Surprise Glastonbury Appearance

Hawkins passed away in March of this year, and his former Foo Fighters bandmate appears to have inked a tribute on his hand

Dave Grohl made a surprise appearance at Glastonbury on Saturday night, joining Sir Paul McCartney on stage for the first time since the death of his close friend and Foo Fighters bandmate, Taylor Hawkins.

The 53-year-old appeared to show fans a new tattoo at one point during the set, which many viewers at home interpreted as a tribute to Hawkins, who passed away back in March of this year.

The tattoo in question was a 'T' on the back of the former Nirvana drummer's hand, which he briefly showed those in attendance.

Grohl points to the tattoo at the end of McCartney's set.

It was an emotional night all-round for fans at the iconic Somerset festival, as Bruce Springsteen also joined McCartney and Grohl on stage for the headliner set.

The show ended with the three legendary rockstars taking it in turns to shred before warmly embracing and taking a bow.

It was at this point, while McCartney and 'Born to Run' singer Springsteen were hugging, that Grohl showed his 'T' tattoo to the crowd.

Many of the details surrounding Hawkins' death, who was the Foo Fighters drummer from the band's very inception, remain unknown.

The 50-year-old died suddenly while the band were touring in Colombia, with the remaining legs of the tour cancelled thereafter.

Grohl's gesture was received didn't go unnoticed by many fans on social media, who clocked him pointing it out on the BBC broadcast.

"Dave Grohl pointing to the Taylor Hawkins tribute tattoo on his hand at the end of the #PaulMcCartney set nearly damn finished me off. RIP Hawk," one fan posted on Twitter.

Another said: "Lovely moment at end of #PaulMcCartney set when #DaveGrohl pointed to his hand and showed a T tattoo for deeply missed #TaylorHawkins."

"Loving Dave Grohl ‘T’ tattoo on the back of his hand…..#Taylorhawkins with him everytime he’s playing guitar on stage now," a different user added.

Taylor Hawkins died earlier this year, aged 50.

While on stage, Grohl also told the crowd how determined he had been to make it to Glastonbury following some travel disruption.

According to the Foo Fighters frontman, the problems started back at Los Angeles airport.

"Well I started on Wednesday, then the flight got cancelled, back to the airport Thursday and then the flight got cancelled, but I swear I would never miss being on stage with you [McCartney] right now," Grohl explained on Saturday night.

He will be back on stage alongside his fellow Foo Fighters band members later this summer for a series of concerts that will pay tribute to Hawkins.

Featuring special guests such as Liam Gallagher, Roger Taylor and Dave Chappelle, fans will have a chance to see Grohl perform at Wembley Stadium and the Kia Forum in LA.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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