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Flat with bathroom in kitchenCraigslist

A flat with a bathroom in the kitchen made a funny joke when Ross from Friends was considering renting one, but in reality, it’s probably not that fun. However, one guy from St. Louis actually volunteered to live in such a place. 

The flat, which is located in the Central West End neighbourhood in St. Louis, has a bathtub and toilet squashed up next to the oven and kitchen worktops.


It was advertised on several websites, offering the unique 200-square-foot space for $525 (£410) a month. Located at 4917 McPherson Avenue, the home is in a wealthy neighbourhood, so it’s probably quite a steal – if you can get past the strange layout.

The flat would probably be ideal for anyone who’s always in a rush. You could make breakfast while bathing at the same time, shaving minutes off your morning routine.

Flat with kitchen in bathroomCraigslist

Alternatively, having a bathroom in the kitchen could be useful for anyone who’s prone to starting a fire where they cook. At least there’s a lot of water around to help put it out!


While it may have its benefits, I think its safe to say most people probably wouldn’t want a bathroom-kitchen combo. Imagine having a date over who needed to use the bathroom while you were trying to make a romantic meal – not to mention the hygiene issues of having a toilet right next to all your food.

But despite these drawbacks, it seems the new tenant is satisfied with his choice of housing, and loves its unusual floor plan.

The 111-year-old building had, in its prime, housed 12 luxury apartments. However, following the Great Depression, it turned those luxurious spaces into 50 small units. The smallest being a studio featuring a toilet-kitchen mix.


While first impressions may not be the best, the little apartment apparently does have some favourable features. The flat has hardwood floors, new windows, and even a spacious walk-in closet.

Flat with bathroom in kitchenCraigslist

Because why have a private, separate bathroom when you can have a whole room just for clothes?

Jarel Loveless was first to share the picture of the flat on social media, writing:


Have to love the St. Louis housing market. Combo kitchen/bathroom, $525/month.

Since then, images of the flat have gone viral, and have received mixed opinions from those who’ve seen it.

Some just couldn’t get behind the idea of the layout, disagreeing with Jarel’s opinion that you ‘have to love’ it.


One person wrote:

Uhhhhh… no. Just the thought of the toilet so close to where I cook, no thanks [sic]

Another thought along the same lines, writing:

Thats wild! Id be shocked if that wasn’t a health violation.

Well, whatever works for you, I suppose.

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