Bartender Secretly Films Man Harassing Her To Show Sad Reality Of Job


Bartender Secretly Films Man Harassing Her To Show Sad Reality Of Job@kaylagovernor/TikTok

A female bartender secretly filmed a conversation she had while at work in order to demonstrate the kind of harassment she deals with on the job.

Bartender Kayla Governor shared the conversation on her TikTok account this month, explaining she wanted to share it ‘incase [sic] anyone was wondering what women have to deal with while bartending.’


Kayla set her phone to record and placed it on a countertop as she conversed with the unidentified male customer, who appeared to have made a request of Kayla to which she responded to say she was ‘not doing that’.

See the video below:


In a later video, Kayla explained the man had asked her to ‘take him to his hotel room’ because he was not from the area, allegedly telling her he would ‘show [her] a good time’.


It appears to be this request the bartender can be heard responding to in the clip, though the man continues to try and persuade her by telling her she seems ‘like the type’, adding: ‘I feel like you need it’.

The customer went on to tell Kayla it was the ‘least’ she could do because he ‘took good care’ of her by spending a lot of money at the bar, before saying she ‘had a lot of fans’ at the bar.

Bar (Pixabay)Pixabay

He continued: ‘I like to be different. How many guys come in here as cute as I am and offer you something different?’


Kayla responded to assure the man she ‘didn’t want that’, but he refused to accept her rejection as he responded: ‘I feel like you don’t know that you don’t want it.’

A number of people rallied around Kayla after she shared her video on TikTok, though she was also forced to hit back at one commenter who responded to say the experience Kayla had was ‘literally her job’.

Kayla responds to comments (@kaylagovernor/TikTok)@kaylagovernor/TikTok

In a follow-up video, she said: ‘I don’t dress like a ‘hoe’ at work, and even if I did that is still not my job to let men sexually [harass] me, and because they tip me well I now owe them something? I do not choose to come to work and get sexually [harassed].’


Kayla has also responded to viewers who accused her of ‘entertaining’ the conversation, explaining she repeatedly said ‘no’ to the man and noting that she didn’t know what he was capable of should she choose to ignore him altogether.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, you can contact Victim Support free on 08 08 16 89 111 available 24/7, every day of the year, including Christmas

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