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People are just discovering how Twilight made vampires run fast and it’s incredible
Featured Image Credit: Summit Entertainment/chloeewebber/TikTok

People are just discovering how Twilight made vampires run fast and it’s incredible

Fanpires are just now clocking how the blood-sucking creatures ran so fast in the Twilight movies - and it's not what you'd expect

Twilight has secured a loyal cult following since the franchise first entered our lives back in 2008, but it's clear that loyalty can only get you so far.

A massive part of the movies were the action-packed scenes of the vampires sprinting about, however, the reality behind it isn't as cool as it seems.

To achieve the effect of Robert Pattinson and the Cullen gang charging at superhuman speeds, the filmmakers used CGI or computer-generated imagery and it's incredible.

Check it out:

While this is used in many films to achieve a speculator viewing for viewers, some of the sequences for the Twilight saga is actually more basic than you think.

TikToker, Chloe Webber, shared some behind-the-scenes footage of filming for Twilight and those speedy vampire shots - and it's fair to say you will not be able to watch those famous scenes in the same light again.

She starts by explaining how she was left 'baffled' after her friend sent her some footage of how they performed the ‘fast vampire running’ scenes.

Chloe then shares the footage which shows actors on a treadmill - yes, a treadmill - while being pulled along by a moving truck.

The CGI used for the running is not what you expect.
Summit Entertainment

While being towed along, the actors are running on the spot at normal human speeds, in what is some bizarre footage.

The TikToker couldn't keep it together while watching over the footage, clamping a hand over her mouth, and gasped: "I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this."

The TikTok of her reaction went viral in 2021, with more than nine million people watching Chloe's video.

And it is fair to say her viewers are equally bemused by how the vampire running effect was achieved, with many of them taking to the comments section on the TikTok to express their views.

One person said: "No wonder Robert Pattinson hated Twilight so much"

A second added: "I need the actual scene for comparison now. I’ve never seen Twilight, this makes it seem like it’s a comedy."

People couldn't believe how the running was achieved.
The Twilight Saga/ YouTube

While a third said: "I was gonna sleep now I can’t stop watching this."

And a fourth person added: "If this doesn’t go viral. Nothing will."

A lot of people were particularly amused by actor Elizabeth Reeser's ‘teensy tiny steps’ on the treadmill, with one person comparing it to a Zumba class.

And the behind-the-scenes clip is not the first to go viral from the fantasy romance series, as the 'wolf scenes' went viral a couple of years ago.

In that, Taylor Lautner – who plays werewolf Jacob Black - had to wear a 'non-reflective grey outfit' so the visual effects team could ‘get the right kind of eye lines and motivation’.

Like Chloe's TikTok, the results were rather funny.

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