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The Rock's insult made Ludacris break character but was used in final Fast and Furious film
Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

The Rock's insult made Ludacris break character but was used in final Fast and Furious film

Dwayne Johnson's hilarious improv left his co-star in stitches

While an insult from The Rock made Ludacris break character, it still ended up being used in one of the many Fast and Furious films.

Dwayne Johnson delivered one of his funniest improv lines whilst filming Fast and Furious 6 along the rest of the star-studded cast including the likes of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and - the man who ended up on the receiving end of The Rock's razor-sharp wit - Tyrese Gibson.

And it seems like the cars weren't the only fast things on set given Dwayne's super-speedy wise-crack. Check it out:

Fans have loved every bit of the iconic Fast and Furious franchise since it first hit our screens back in 2001.

The movie franchise went on to roll out nine more films leading the total number to an impressive 10 including the likes of 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) and, fan-favourite, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).

While, for the most part, the flicks are action-packed with impressive racing stunts, intricate fight scenes and some deep emotional moments - there were definitely some more comedic elements at play behind-the-scenes.

And this was exactly the case for The Rock, who plays Luke Hobbs alongside rapper Ludacris, who took on the role of Tej Parker.

Whilst shooting a scene in which the crew gather round for a family barbecue, Johnson took it upon himself to add a little spice to the script and let's just say we are all glad he did.

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In the scene, Johnson walks up to the cook-out with Gibson, who plays Roman, chirping up with: "Hey Mia, you better hide your baby oil," as a not-so-subtle dig against the strongman's shiny aesthetic.

Upon clocking The Rock's face, he quickly follows up with: "I'm just playing."

Taking absolutely no time to think up a response, Johnson launches back with a side-splitting a counter-attack saying: "You better hide that big a** forehead."

Ludacris, stood night to Gibson at the time of the hilarious roast, immediately spat out his drink after not being able to hold in his laughter.

Gibson, visibly uncomfortable, proceeds to say: "I was just joking but whatever."

And fans are going absolutely wild for it after the clip resurfaced on social media recently.

Universal Pictures

One TikTok user explained: "Ludacris was shocked from Dwayne Johnson’s reaction as that was not in the original script."

A second echoed: "That was actually what they said to each other cause they didn't have anything part for this scene.

"Ludacris' reaction is legit."

"One of my favorite parts from this movie," wrote a third, "I think it’s because of Ludacris’ genuine reaction."

Another penned: "True unscripted reaction by Ludacris. One of the best scenes in the movie."

A final TikTok user added: "Hahaha got to love it when you have to improvise in the heat of the moment."

That's for sure.

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