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The Boys showrunner says Season 4 isn't releasing until the writers' strike is over
Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

The Boys showrunner says Season 4 isn't releasing until the writers' strike is over

The Boys creator Eric Kripke says that he stands in solidarity with the WGA writers who are on strike

The creator of The Boys has confirmed that the show won’t premiere the new season until the writers’ strike is over.

Eric Kripke offered an update to fans on Twitter, with concerns about when season four of the hugely popular Amazon Prime Video show will actually be available to watch.

However, he is no scab, telling the fans that they’ll have to wait until the strike is over, asking them to hope for a positive result for the striking workers.

When asked the question, Kripke responded: "Depends on how long the #WGA Strike goes."

He added: "Tell the studios to make a fair deal!"

This isn’t the first time he has offered his support to the Writers Guild of America, having previously told fans that they should protest outside Amazon headquarters to show solidarity with the writers.

Season four of The Boys won't premiere until after the WGA strike ends.
Amazon Prime Video

Sharing a poster that urged fans to ‘join the creators of The Boys and stand with the real heroes - the writers’, Kripke said: “Hey! You a fan of #TheBoys? Live in SoCal?

“Come hang out with me, the writers, maybe some of the actors at #TheBoys #WGA picket at Amazon!

“You get to STICK IT TO THE MAN while enjoying some Pie n Burger.”

Explaining why there’s a delay despite the fact that they’ve wrapped shooting, Kripke added: "There's a good amount of dialogue we write in post that the actors come back to record (called ADR), to help bridge story gaps or clarify a plot point.

“We'll also edit dialogue together in different ways to 'rewrite' it.

“Writing at every stage of the process. #WGAStrong"

So, while other stuff can continue, it seems as if these extra bits that involve the writers will continue to hold back the production until the strike reaches a conclusion.

Fans had been gearing up for a summer release, given that previous seasons have been let loose in around June or July.

There is a spin-off in the works, which might give fans something to cling to in the meantime while they hope for a positive resolution to the industrial dispute.

Eric Kripke has previously expressed his support for the striking writers.

It’s called Gen V and - though it seems to be pretty far along - we don’t yet have much information on when that will premiere.

The Boys tells the story of a world of real superheroes, but a world in which not all of them are dedicated to good.

There’s a group called The Seven that are held up as the paragons of virtue, and there’s another group called The Boys that are out there to take them down a peg.

The show stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Laz Alonso, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Antony Starr, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, Nathan Mitchell, and Jensen Ackles, among others.

Once again, it’ll premiere once there’s a resolution to the WGA writers’ strike.

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