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Latest The Boys Episode Is One Of The Most 'Sexually Graphic Hours Of Mainstream TV' Ever

Latest The Boys Episode Is One Of The Most 'Sexually Graphic Hours Of Mainstream TV' Ever

The next episode of the Amazon Prime show is going to be... intense

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has said the Amazon Prime show’s next episode – dropping today, 24 June – is ‘probably one of the most graphic hours of mainstream television anyone will have seen’.

The sixth episode of season three features a spicy 'Herogasm', which, for those not familiar with the comics, is a massive superhero-filled orgy.

The TV version is so X-rated that when promoting the episode on Twitter, the show had to attach a series of content warnings, noting: “It is not suitable for any audience.”

Check it out:

Sharing the trailer online, The Boys’ official Twitter also warned: “This is the only footage legal would approve to show ya ahead of time.”

The Herogasm was originally a six-issue spin-off miniseries of The Boys graphic novel, where the Supes all team up under the guise of fighting a worldwide threat.

Instead, it turns into a massive superhero orgy across six comic books, which we now get to see play out on screen. 

Kripke gave TVLine an insight into just how graphic the Herogasm is, teasing: “I think you have to really turn to porn to see things that are more graphic.”

He also said that he was 'very surprised' at what the director was able to get away with in shooting the scene.

"When we first started prepping it with Nelson [Cragg], the director, and he was showing us what he had planned, I was just like, 'Wow, are we allowed to show all of that?'" Kripke said.

"They checked with Standards, and there’s like these hilarious rules about how often you can simulate humping and whether or not you can show an erect penis and how long you can show a private part."

He added: "There’s all these rules, but we were within the bounds of what the rules were. So the answer was we could show it."

The Boys’ latest episode is… graphic.
Prime Studios

Speaking to ScreenRant, Kripke also promised that fans of the graphic novel will be pleased, saying that they’ll get the 'full Herogasm experience'.

Soldier Boy actor Jensen Ackles added that the crew looked 'traumatised' while filming the infamous scenes.

Meanwhile, Erin Moriarty, who plays Starlight, said Herogasm took five days to film with more than 12 hours on set each day.

She called Herogasm 'amazing, hilarious, and scarring at the same time'.

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