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The Batman Theory Suggests Villain We May See Appear In Sequels

The Batman Theory Suggests Villain We May See Appear In Sequels

Many fans reckon a very familiar character could be making a return in Robert Pattinson's The Batman universe

A fan theory suggests that there's a villain we could see in future instalments or spin-offs of The Batman, all thanks to a small detail they've spotted towards the end of the movie.

Warning: contains spoilers for The Batman.

In the new film, there's a scene towards the end that sees Batman inject himself with some sort of green fluid, which many have since said could just be adrenaline.

But TikTok user @blurayangel11 thinks there could be more to it, and has explained a theory that's becoming increasingly popular with viewers.

Check it out:

The theory suggests there's a hint to another Batman villain in Robert Pattinson's new film.

'Venom is in The Batman movie,' he said, showing a picture of Venom on screen. However, the film fan went on to explain that he didn't mean Venom the character, but venom the substance.

'No, not this Venom,' he continued, switching to an image of a liquid venom.

'But I think this venom: the venom that Batman villain Bane uses to enhance his strength,' the TikToker said.

'If you remember correctly, during this scene in the third act, Batman injects himself with something to save Catwoman’s life. 'What does he inject himself with? It looks like green fluid. In my head I thought to myself, 'Okay, that’s probably an adrenaline shot', but the more I thought about it... Wait a minute, what if it’s Bane’s venom?'


'If that is the case, that means several things. Batman already fought Bane in his first year of being Batman in this universe. He probably got his hands on that venom, injected it in himself and fought Bane with his own medicine – giving him a little taste of those hands, baby! 

'Maybe we could see Bane in the Arkham Asylum show, and for future stories, we can see the consequences of that drug – maybe deteriorating Batman’s mind... That is in case if it is venom. Let’s get it, baby!'

While some fans remained sceptical, maintaining that he had merely injected himself with an ‘adrenaline shot’ as @blurayangel11 first suggested, others were open to the alternative theory. 

One person commented: 'My son picked up on it immediately. Titan serum baby.'


Someone else said: 'Literally said this to my friend.' Others went a little further, speculating how else the idea could work.

'What if Wayne Enterprises developed the [serum] and Bane steals it?' one asked, with @blurayangel11 replying: 'I like that!'

Another wrote: 'I mean Batman used venom before Bane did in the [comics] so it could be Bane coming later on.'

Agreeing, @blurayangel11 responded: 'Very good point!'

One person still wasn't sure, saying: 'I thought adrenaline as well but it can’t be Bane's venom cause it makes ur eyes and veins green I'm pretty sure.' But another pointed out: 'Well [you] can’t see his body with the suit on.'

A fair point, surely?

Other fans are talking about the theory over on Twitter, as well, with one noting how Batman 'needs to inject himself with Bane's venom' to save Catwoman.

Someone else said: 'Idk how people think that Batman had regular adrenaline at the end when it was literally a super bright green and caused a frenzy, aka F***ING VENOM. It was venom it was 100% Bane juice there's no way it's anything other than that adrenaline-defenders smd.'

A third Twitter user also added that Bane's venom was a 'nice touch'.

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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