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Stranger Things Detail Will Change How You View Season Four
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things Detail Will Change How You View Season Four

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed a detail that'll change the way to watch the new series.

As Stranger Things season 4 continues to break the internet, eagle-eyed fans have noticed a small detail that'll change the way to watch the whole series.

Volume 1 of the new season was released to Netflix on 27 May and saw a staggering amount of views, with the series quickly taking the top tv spot around the world.

If you're not up to speed, check out the trailer here:

And let us catch you up on everything else because the new series sees our favourite gang go further than ever before.

Season four has been charmingly dubbed by show creator Matt Duffer as their "Game of Thrones season because it’s so spread out, so I think that’s what’s unique or most unique about the season."

Matt created the series with his brother Ross and said that the 'biggest thing' that's going to happen in the series in the opening up of the plotlines into the area outside of Hawkins.

There's a detail that'll totally change the way you watch the new season.

Matt added: "So we have these three storylines, are all connected and kind of interwoven together, but it’s just very different tones."

Those storylines include the return of Brenner (Matthew Modine), Max (Sadie Sink) dealing with the death of her brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery), and a vile new villain, Vecna.

One sees Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) settling into his new home with his mum (Winona Ryder), Johnathan (Charlie Heaton), and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

Just as things seem settled, Mike (Finn Wolfhard) visits them, and tensions arise between him and Will.

For those not familiar, Will and Mike were best friends but they became distanced during the move/Mike's evolving relationship with Eleven.

Okay so that's enough context, now for the detail that'll change the way you watch the new season, we'd like to raise a spoiler alert at this point and tell you to stop reading if you haven't seen the new season.

So, throughout episode two, we see Will mope around as he third wheels Eleven and Mike.

While you're probably thinking that's not very supportive of Mike's would-be best friend, it seems like there's actually a pretty heartbreaking reason Will was down.

Fans have noticed the title of the first episode of the new season is 21 March, which is a day before Will's birthday, 22 March, as his mum, Joyce, shares in series two.

So, if each episode is a day, that'd make episode two Will's birthday and no wonder he was visibly sad when his best mate and Eleven seemed too wrapped up in each other to notice.

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