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Stranger Things Creators Say There Isn't A Happy Ending To Season 4

Stranger Things Creators Say There Isn't A Happy Ending To Season 4

The Duffer Brothers have warned Stranger Things fans not to expect a happy ending.

*Spoilers and speculation for season four of Stranger Things below, read on at your own risk.*

The creators of Stranger Things have warned fans not to expect a happy ending from the final two episodes of season four.

Stranger Things season four has two more episodes on the way and the Duffer Brothers have been spelling out to fans that it's not going to end happily.

The first volume of episodes ended on the shocking revelation that Vecna's true identity was Henry Creel, also known as 001 in the Hawkins lab and their first test subject, who killed his family and developed powers similar to Eleven's.

Meanwhile, Eleven has once again joined forces with Dr Brenner to regain her powers, whether that will split her off from her friends remains to be seen.

As for the rest of the gang, Joyce and Murray have tracked down Hopper in the Soviet Union, Steve and Nancy are trapped in the upside down and everyone else is in various states of distress.

Fans are left guessing which main characters Vecna might be able to kill off.

Volume two will only have two episodes but they are blockbuster in length, as fans can expect plenty of plot threads to get tied up or chopped off, and viewers should expect plenty of the latter.

Now, Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers have shot out a warning that everything which goes on in season four won't be 'tied up with a nice bow', Screen Rant reports.

They also said volume two takes everything they were doing in season one and 'ramps everything up'.

Honestly, it wouldn't be a Stranger Things season finale without a climactic confrontation and it wouldn't be a climactic confrontation without some of our characters facing mortal peril that might kill them.

After all, with such a large and varied cast of characters, there's a great opportunity for the writers to trim down the numbers a bit by having Vecna pick off a few of them for drama and tragedy.

It's possible that not everyone in this picture will be back for the final season of Stranger Things.

There is only one season of the show left to come, meaning things are all heading for a massive conclusion and anyone not involved in that might not make it through the next couple of episodes.

Having everything tied up with a happy ending wouldn't make much sense with only one more season to go, more likely many things go wrong that won't be fixed until the fifth and final season.

The Duffer Brothers have promised there will be no reset button hit at the start of the fifth season, so whatever happens in these next two episodes is going to have consequences for the show's last outing.

The final two episodes of Stranger Things will be available to stream on Netflix on 1 July.

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