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Sketch Of Will Smith Threatening A Presenter Over Jada Resurfaces

Sketch Of Will Smith Threatening A Presenter Over Jada Resurfaces

The clip was shared on social media after Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars

A clip of Will Smith jokingly threatening a TV presenter over Jada Pinkett Smith has resurfaced amid the Oscars controversy.

The couple appeared on the Spanish show El Hormiguero more than 10 years ago alongside their son Jaden to promote The Karate Kid remake.

Pablo Motos, who hosts the programme, can be seen approaching Jada to speak to her when Smith steps in.

Check out the clip below:

The clip, which was shared to Twitter after Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars, shows him joking with the host. He raises his hand and warns him: "Pablo, be careful with the words you use for my wife, OK!"

Pablo then recoils and clearly considers his words carefully, all while Will leans in closely to make sure he catches every word as he compliments Jada.

Pablo tells Jada he's not surprised by her success in Hollywood, describing her as beautiful 'outside and in'. Will tells him, 'Very good, very good', Pablo gives Jada a hug, and all is well.

Will Smith joking with the show's host.
Antena 3

The skit made its way to social media amid criticism of the King Richard Oscar-winner, with Twitter user Toni Morejón writing: "Smith already warned Pablo Motos of what could happen to him."

The controversy arose after Rock made a G.I. Jane 2 joke about Jada, in reference to her hair. While he seemed to laugh at first, he then took to the stage and slapped the comedian, before telling him to 'keep [his] wife's name out [his] f***ing mouth'.

Smith has since apologised to Rock, while the Academy formally condemned his actions in addition to launching a review of the incident.

If you've somehow not seen the slap, you can watch it below:

He wrote: "I would like to publicly apologise to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong. I am embarrassed and my actions were not indicative of the man I want to be. There is no place for violence in a world of love and kindness." 

Other clips have also resurfaced following the slap: during a Q&A for King Richard last year, Smith demonstrated his fake slapping technique for a child in the audience; and a reporter who was slapped by Smith back in 2012 for trying to kiss him on the red carpet for Men in Black III gave his thoughts.

Vitalii Sediuk, who's admitted to being a bit of a prankster, wrote on Instagram: "But @willsmith practised on me first, only to perform his slap at the Oscars."

It should be noted that Sediuk also apologised to Smith afterwards.

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Featured Image Credit: Antena 3

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