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Actors in Shane Warne TV series sent to hospital after adult scene went horribly wrong
Featured Image Credit: Nine

Actors in Shane Warne TV series sent to hospital after adult scene went horribly wrong

Shane Warne's life has been turned into a docuseries by Aussie TV channel Nine, but filming doesn't have seemed to be completely smooth

The actors in a TV miniseries about the life of cricketer Shane Warne ended up in hospital after a strange mishap during a sex scene.

The series about Warne, titled Warnie, has come in for some criticism because the legendary bowler only died last May.

The series stars Alex Williams as the blonde-haired spinner, and Marny Kennedy as his ex-wife, Simone Callahan.

The pair, who are good friends in real life, were shooting a scene for the docuseries in Melbourne when a bizarre turn sent them to hospital in full wardrobe.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Kennedy revealed how the bedroom scene took a turn for the worse when they fell over, causing Williams to crack the back of his head, whereas Kennedy ended up with a broken wrist.

She explained: “We were going down a corridor and we were meant to push into the bedroom and land on the bed, but we both completely missed the bed.”

Oops. That’s gonna hurt.

The pair were injured during an intimate scene.

She continued: “We ended up sitting in the emergency room together, him with a bandage around his head and me with my wrist strapped.”

It must have looked incredibly weird when they turned up at the hospital, which – interestingly enough – was a hospital for the elderly.

So, the pair were sitting there awaiting treatment dressed up fully as Shane and Simone.

It also must have been quite confusing for anyone else in the hospital who didn’t know what was going on.

Marny added: “It was just Alex and I with our bleached hair, fully still in wardrobe, sitting there surrounded by elderly residents.”

In the end, they were able to see the funny side, and ended up buying mugs with a picture of them in the hospital on for the cast to celebrate the end of filming.

You really do have to laugh at these things, don’t you?

However, now everyone has been so keen on the idea of the show, with the trailer receiving some criticism.

Warne died of a suspected heart attack in Thailand in May 2022, and the series was confirmed six months after his death.

Some even suggested that the production for the series started just three weeks after the cricketer’s death.

One person commented: “Does anyone else think it's too soon for a Warnie show on?

“He hasn't even been gone for 15 months, and already the show seems filmed and ready to release.

“How quickly after his passing did someone go, '’yep it's time to make a show on his life?’”

Warnie stars Marny Kennedy and Alex Williams.

Shane’s daughter Brooke has also called Nine’s decision to air the series ‘beyond disrespectful’.

“Do any of you have any respect for dad? Or his family?” she wrote in September 2022.

“He did so much for Channel Nine and now you want to dramatise his life and our family's life six months after he passed away?

“You are beyond disrespectful.”

A Nine spokesperson told the Guardian: "Our Warnie mini-series we know will be a celebration of the life of an extraordinary Australian - a man who lived life large and loved passionately.

"We have enormous respect for Shane and all his achievements, and our hope is all Australians including Warnie’s family will feel the program honours his legacy and life.”

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