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Quentin Tarantino responded to claims he has 'fetish' for women's feet in his movies
Featured Image Credit: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures

Quentin Tarantino responded to claims he has 'fetish' for women's feet in his movies

The director spoke out about the claims in 2021

Quentin Tarantino has shed some light on his apparent 'fetish' for women's feet in his films.

The veteran film director has been in the business for many years now, and has directed, produced, written and even appeared in some of Hollywood's biggest films.

Often, we see directors in the industry have their speciality - whether that is action, crime or rom-com. But Tarantino has made a wide variation of films in his time, starting with rather unusual and sinister criminal films in the 1990s, with the obvious one being Pulp Fiction.

Into the 00s, the film director ventured into martial arts with Kill Bill, then to a more western theme with Django Unchained in 2012.

While the genres he tackles may be a bit of everything, there is something that's quite common in most of Tarantino's films that fans have picked up on over the years.

Quentin Tarantino has made some of Hollywood's biggest films, but have you noticed something similar with a lot of his projects?
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Films such as Pulp Fiction and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood have featured close-up shots of women's feet, which has led to criticism over the years.

But Tarantino is not too fussed by the criticism, telling G2 in 2021 he doesn't 'take it seriously', adding that he actually thinks it's 'just good direction'.

Defending his decision to include a lot of close-up shots of women's feet in his films, Tarantino said: "There’s a lot of feet in a lot of good directors’ movies.

"Like, before me, the person foot fetishism was defined by was Luis Buñuel, another film director.

"And Hitchcock was accused of it and Sofia Coppola has been accused of it."

Tarantino's love for feet is actually common knowledge in the film industry and has even been referenced at award shows.

Feet are everywhere in Tarantino films!
Sony Pictures Entertainment / Columbia Pictures

At the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards, Brad Pitt picked up the award for best-supporting actor for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

His acceptance speech was rather brilliant, with many jokes about the film's director and his obsession with feet.

"I want to thank my costars, Leo [DiCaprio], Margot Robbie, Margot Robbie's feet, Margaret Qualley's feet, Dakota Fanning's feet," he joked.

"Seriously, Quentin has separated more women from their shoes than the TSA."

In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Qualley was actually not the biggest fan of showing her feet on camera.

Speaking to Indiewire in 2019, she said: "I genuinely was like, ‘Quentin, this is a bad idea. I don’t have good feet'.

"I was in pointe shoes for far too long to have toes that can be shown to the world."

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