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Paul Walker's brother breaks down remembering last phone call with him moments before he died

Paul Walker's brother breaks down remembering last phone call with him moments before he died

Cody Walker spoke to his older brother Paul just moments before his tragic death in 2013

Paul Walker's brother broke down in tears after recalling a conversation he had with the actor just moments before he tragically died.

The Fast and Furious actor died in November 2013 at the age of 40 following a tragic car crash, alongside Roger Rodas, who was driving his red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT.

The car crashed into a concrete lampost and two trees after travelling between 80 and 93 mph.

The Porsche caught fire, with Walker dying from the combined effects of trauma and burns.

A later investigation concluded the car's speed and the age of the tires were the primary reason for the fatal crash.

In 2018, a documentary film exploring the legacy of Walker was made, which included a bunch of tributes from some of his nearest and dearest.

One of the toughest listens in I Am Paul Walker was from Cody Walker - Paul's younger brother who was just 25 at the time of the Fast and Furious star's death.

Paul Walker had two younger brothers - Cody (L) and Caleb (R).
Allstar Picture Library Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

He recalled the last phone call he had with his big brother, which was just moments before the fatal crash.

"He actually called me on his way to that toy drive," Cody began.

Emotionally, he continued: "I was at work that day and I'm so glad I wasn't on a call and I was able to answer the phone."

Car collect Sean Lee added in the doc that once the toy drive had finished, Rodas wanted to take the Porsche for a spin, which is about the same time Walker was also leaving.

Lee claimed Walker wanted to go for a spin with Rodas before heading home, which devastatingly ended in the tragic crash.

Cody continued: "It is just so stupid, I've been on that same exact loop - it's an industrial park, there is nothing there on the weekend - no cars, there's just nothing there."

There have been many emotional tributes made to Walker over the years, with one coming as recent as a few weeks ago.

While out promoting Fast X, Vin Diesel decided to wear a shirt as a tribute to Walker who starred as main character Brian O'Conner.

Cody emotionally recalled the day Paul died.

The off-screen interviewer begins: "I see you got the 'For Paul' shirt," before Diesel begins to pick up on what the next question may be.

"I love that," he replies, "keep going you're on to something."

The interviewer obliges and continues: "You got the 'For Paul' shirt on - what would he think about how you guys have carried on this legacy?"

The Hollywood A-lister takes a moment to collect himself before doing a deep breath.

He replied: "Okay, you want to go there? You want to go there?"

"Okay," the actor began, "what would he think?"

Diesel then recounted an anecdote about Walker and just how selfless and genuine he was.

The actor gave the example of Walker being the only one out of many colleagues he called to support the 2010 Haiti earthquake cause.

Featured Image Credit: Allstar Picture Library Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo / I Am Paul Walker Documentary

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