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Chilling trailer drops for brutal and emotional Holocaust movie that critics are strongly praising

Chilling trailer drops for brutal and emotional Holocaust movie that critics are strongly praising

A chilling trailer for The Zone of Interest - a brutal and emotional Holocaust movie - has dropped.

A chilling trailer for a new Holocaust drama which has already bagged an impressive 95 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes has dropped.

The movie comes from A24 - the production company behind Moonlight, The Whale and Everything, Everywhere All at Once - and BAFTA-nominated director Jonathan Glazer.

It's already been put forward as the UK's entry for Best International Feature at next year's Oscars.

You can watch the haunting trailer below:

Over the years, there have been of films themed around the Holocaust, from Defiance, to Conspiracy and Europa Europa.

All of them have to deal with the atrocity with great care, and the The Zone of Interest looks set to follow in their footsteps, having attracted rave reviews from critics.

The German-language Holocaust drama tell the chilling story of real-life German SS officer Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig.

They raised their children in a farmhouse next to Auschwitz, though their plan to build a dream life for themselves there does not exactly go to plan.

The Zone of Interest looks set to tell a chilling story.

The Zone of Interest is based loosely on Martin Amis’ 2014 book of the same name, though there are some noticeable differences from the original novel.

The film features Christian Friedel as Rudolf and Sandra Hüller as Hedwig, while Daniel Holzberg, Ralph Herforth and Sascha Maaz also set to star.

It was shot entirely in Germany and Poland.

Glazer said of the film at Cannes, as per Variety: "The great crime and tragedy is that human beings did this to other human beings.

"It’s very convenient to distance ourselves from them as much as we can, because we think we don’t behave that way, but we should be less certain than that."

Meanwhile Hüller said of her character: "I felt a responsibility as a German to portray this woman. I never felt familiar with her.

"It had so little to do with acting, what we did. It was about being respectful with the people around us."

A chilling new trailer has proved an insight into what we can expect when the film releases in the US on December 15.

It releases in the US on 8 December.

Industry critics are full of praise for the movie, with the Daily Beast's preview reading: "A WWII horror story rooted in separation, alienation and a cold indifference that shakes one to the very core."

While Variety's review called the film 'chilling and profound, meditative and immersive, a movie that holds human darkness up to the light and examines it as if under a microscope'.

It continued: "The Zone of Interest isn’t a portrait of the victims of the Holocaust. It’s a portrait of the perpetrators.

"Yet what hovers over every moment is a human monstrousness that’s at once inflicted and repressed. The film’s haunting subject is the compartmentalization of evil."

Featured Image Credit: A24

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