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Fans shocked by Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth's normal accent after old clip resurfaces

Fans shocked by Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth's normal accent after old clip resurfaces

It seems fans weren't familiar with Robbie and Hemsworth's time on Ramsay Street, with many shocked by the actor's native accents.

Fans have been shocked after hearing Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth’s real accents.

Despite being two of down-under’s biggest exports, a video has recently gone viral as it shows the actors with their native Aussie accents.

Even more hilariously, the clip is from another Australian institution: Neighbours.

For those who’ve never watched the long-running soap opera, the story centres around the residents of Ramsay Street and their interconnected lives.

Hemsworth was the first to be cast in the show, playing local lothario Josh Taylor from 2007 to 2008 – just three years before he was cast in The Hunger Games.

Joining the soap in the same year, Robbie played Donna Freedman and remained in the role until 2011 – which is when she left for Hollywood.

In the short clip, you can see their characters bickering over their friend Bridget and her new boyfriend Declan.

The Wolf of Wall Street star can even be heard telling Hemsworth’s character to ‘talk to the hand’ and to ‘cut the pity party’ as they argue. (Bit harsh)

To which, he responds: “Just trying to make polite conversation.”

While the cheesy dialogue might not be Emmy-worthy, the clip seems to have captured the audience’s imagination after being shared on social media.

Hemsworth joined the soap shortly before he starred in The Hunger Games.
TikTok/Prime Video

Shared by Prime Video on TikTok, many fans claim it’s the first time they’ve heard the A-listers with their Aussie twang.

Referring to Hemsworth, one user said: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk with his Aussie accent,”

Others had become used to the actors speaking with American accent, with another adding: “I forgot Margot is Aussie."

Despite both of them speaking English, it seems that some things got lost in translation.

“Thank god for subtitles,” joked a third user.

Meanwhile, another gushed about the long-running Aussie soap, which has become a favourite of viewers both at home and away.

They wrote: “I love how basically all Australian actors start on Neighbours.”

Robbie recently gushed about the end of the series.
TikTok/Prime Video

It seems Robbie also has a lot of love for the long-running soap, which she starred in at just 17 years old.

Having moved to Melbourne for the role, the young actor had no friends or family nearby, with her castmates taking her under their wing.

When the series was cancelled in 2022, the Barbie actor even sent gifts to the wrap party, revealing that it ‘was very emotional’.

She told the audience at BAFTA: A Life In Pictures: “I wrote everyone a big letter with all my memories and sent 37 bottles of champagne for the years it had been on air - and of course I did a video they could play.”

Thankfully, the series has since been revived, meaning that there’s still a chance she could return to Ramsay Street.

Watch this space!

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video

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