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Big Brother contestant removed after using N-word during 24-hour livestream
Featured Image Credit: CBS

Big Brother contestant removed after using N-word during 24-hour livestream

Big Brother contestant Luke Valentine was slammed by fans after he was heard saying the 'N-word'

A Big Brother contestant has been kicked off the show after using the 'N-word'.

Viewers who were tuned into the hit reality show's 24/7 coverage were stunned when they heard the slur used by one of the people in the house.

In a clip that has been shared widely on social media, Luke Valentine, a white housemate, can be seen talking to a group of people.

And while addressing fellow contestants Jared Fields, Cory Wurtenberger, and Hisam Goueli, he is heard using the derogatory term.

In the footage, which was recorded on Tuesday (7 August) night, Valentine says: “We were in the f**king (inaudible) room, n****."

He then quickly catches himself, replacing the slur with the word 'dude' before turning to apologise to one of the housemates.

Big Brother contestant Luke Valentine was heard saying the 'n word'.

"I'm sorry," he says while laughing awkwardly.

Fields, who is Black himself, later reacted to the remark, telling Valentine that he didn't really care, though he said he should have made him feel much worse about it than he did.

“I don’t give a f**k,” he said.

"Yeah, right, I should’ve made you feel uncomfortable real quick, like, ‘Whoa, bro, what you just say?’”

However, while Fields may not have taken the comment to heart, the same cannot be said for those watching the show back at home.

After hearing the slur, many took to social media to make their feelings known.

And there were plenty who wanted to see Valentine kicked out of the house over it.

"Go ahead and replace him,” said one upset fan.

Another commented: “He gotta go”.

Valentine has been removed from the house.

While someone else slammed the producers for not immediately reacting to Valentine's remarks, saying: “Shame on the Big Brother production team if they let the Luke incident go by without a single word said to him. Accountability is a MUST here."

Well, it looks like their comments have been heard loud and clear by bosses at CBS, as Valentine has now been removed from the house.

In a statement addressing the incident, a spokesperson for the broadcaster confirmed that he had left the Big Brother compound.

In addition, CBS also said that his departure would be included in tonight's (9 August) episode.

“Luke violated the Big Brother code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur. He has been removed from the house,” the spokesperson said.

“His departure will be addressed in Thursday night’s show.”

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