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Gordon Ramsay once made a meal so bad the chef looked at him in disgust

Gordon Ramsay once made a meal so bad the chef looked at him in disgust

Gordon Ramsay really missed the mark with his attempt at a pad thai

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most celebrated and feared chefs in the world.

But despite having amassed 17 Michelin stars, of which he currently holds seven, it's not always gone well for the foul-mouthed cook.

Back in the day, Ramsay used to present a show called The F Word, which saw the 56-year-old prepare a delicious three-course meal at his swanky restaurant.

The show also saw diners take part in challenges and was interspersed with segments regarding food preparation, sustainability, and fad diets.

However, his skills as a chef were certainly found wanting when he tried to prepare a plate of pad thai for some Buddhist monks from Wimbledon's Thai temple.

In a clip that's been doing the rounds again on social media, Ramsay is seen heading into the bowels of the kitchen at the Blue Elephant restaurant to meet executive chef Chang.

Easing himself in, he admits that the 'pressure is on', though Chang assures him that they 'never' send food back.

Which is fortunate for Gordon in this instance.

Gordon Ramsay was pretty confident of his pad thai skills.
Channel 4

Though, Rasmay knows better than most how difficult it can be to work when you've got a top chef standing over your shoulder watching every move you make.

But being the pro that he is, Gordo gets cracking, chucking in the shallots, some spring onions, chilli, tamarind paste, and a bunch of absolute whopper prawns.

"I'm so excited to be cooking for the monks today," the Hell's Kitchen host says confidently. "Never cooked for monks before. Those prawns smell amazing."

So far, so good.

Adding the finishing touches to the dish, Ramsay chucks in some fish sauce, salt, and sugar.

He then pours a beaten egg into the wok before being throwing it into the sauce along with the noodles and bean sprouts.

"What will Chang think of my pad thai?" asks Ramsay.

Now, to the untrained eye, it looks like another home run from the TV chef, I mean, he knows what he's doing, right? He's made this dish countless times. He's Gordon f**king Ramsay for God's sake?!


Chang was not impressed at all.
Channel 4

Making sure it's up to his standard before serving it to the monks, Chang has a taste.

Taking a mouthful, the exec chef is clearly not happy, offended almost, looking back at Ramsay with absolute disgust.

"What do you want to know from me? Ask me," a sassy Chang snaps at poor old Gordon.

"How is it?" he asks.

To which a visibly shaken Chang replies: "Hmm... no, this is not pad thai at all. No. Pad thai has to be sweet, sour, and salty."

Giving the dish a go himself, Ramsay appears to disagree, saying: "I think that doesn't taste too bad. It's not perfect... "

Jumping in, Chang has the final word: "For you, but not for me."

At least he knows how it feels.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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