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Most disturbing interview in Dr Phil’s history had shocking murder confession
Featured Image Credit: CBS

Most disturbing interview in Dr Phil’s history had shocking murder confession

"This guy scares me more than any serial killer."

Warning: This article contains graphic content which some readers may find distressing.

People are taking to social media in shock after watching a 'downright disturbing' interview hosted by Dr Phil.

In over 25 years of his daytime television show, there's one episode in particular which has left viewers feeling haunted.

Warning: Graphic descriptions of violence:

At the age of 15, Zachary Davis lived with his mother, Melanie Davis, and older brother, Josh in a house in Hendersonville, North Carolina - the mother being a single parent to her two sons since her husband passed away six years prior.

On 10 August, 2012, Zachary attacked his mother by hitting her in the head with a sledgehammer around 10 times. He then attempted to burn his house down with his older brother still asleep in side, however, Josh managed to wake up to the smell of smoke and fled.

At the age of 17, Zachary was convicted of first-degree murder and two months before his trial in April, he sat down with TV personality Dr Phil.

Zachary Davis murdered his mom when he was 15 years old.

In the interview, Zachary described the moment he murdered his mom, saying he decided to do it because she 'wasn't taking care of [his] family'.

The 17-year-old spoke in an emotionless voice as he described hearing the hammer 'hitting her head' and making a 'wet thumping sound' letting out a laugh.

Dr Phil asked Zachary if he laughed when attacking his mom and the teenager said he did because he 'thought she deserved it'.

Extracts from the teenager's diary were read.

In another clip of the episode posted to YouTube, Dr Phil reads out an extract from Zachary's journal.

He says: "On 11 August this has been the next morning, you wrote, 'I liked Melanie and left Josh alive to suffer. I didn't feel anything when I killed her even when her blood splattered on my arm and her brain matter was thrown onto my shirt.

"I didn't feel remorse, hate or even satisfaction. My only true regret was that I wasn't able to give her a faster death. I didn't want her to suffer."

Another extract from Zachary's diary details his experience being in jail for two months and hearing his dad 'talking to him'. He also wrote he believed he was 'a pariah' in the jail, calling it 'home sweet home'.

Zachary later smiled when asked by Dr Phil if he would feel anything if he ran someone over and people can't get the interview and Zachary's reactions out from under their skin.

Zachary referred to prison as 'home sweet home'.

One YouTuber wrote: "Seems like a demon talking through him."

"He is deeply disturbed and clearly needs help," another said.

A third commented: "I am terrified."

And a final resolved: "This guy scares me more than any serial killer."

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