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Marvel reveals Captain Marvel's surprising real age and leaves fans divided

Marvel reveals Captain Marvel's surprising real age and leaves fans divided

Fans have weighed in on the official age of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel

Marvel fans have been left confused after the company revealed Captain Marvel’s surprising real age.

With the Captain Marvel sequel finally set to land in movie theaters in a few weeks, fans are naturally clamoring for details about its main characters.

But just when you think you know everything about Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson), Marvel has thrown a spanner in the works by revealing the character’s age.

The Marvels, which is due out in November, is a sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel and the titular hero will be joined by Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel.

To ramp up the hype train for The Marvels, the official X account (formerly known as Twitter) for Marvel India recently shared some personal details about Captain Marvel, who is a powerful hybrid of a human and an alien race known as the Kree.


Fans now know that Captain Marvel is actually over 60 years old in human years, although the specifics around her age haven’t been shared. The post in question has pictures of Larson as Captain Marvel, Chris Evans as Captain America and Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier with all of their ages.

It seems the post might have been Marvel’s attempt at making a statement against ageism, as the caption reads: “Proof: ‘Age is just a number’.”

The real age of Captain Marvel.

While comic book fanatics were already aware that The Winter Soldier is over a 100 years old in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Captain America is also over a century old in Captain America: Civil War, people are shocked about Ms. Danvers.

A common belief is that Captain Marvel is roughly 28 years old in the events of the first film which is set in 1995. This correlates with the Danvers’ canon storyline and would mean the character was born around 1967.

In Avengers: Endgame, which is initially set in 2018, a 51-year-old Danvers meets the other Avengers and following a five-year time jump to 2023, where the rest of the film takes place, Danvers is now around 56 years old.

One fan weighed in on the confusion online, and tweeted: “Honestly surprised people didn't think Captain Marvel was older than 60 in the current timeline? She was a USAF Captain by 1988, putting her minimum age at 25 then, making her ~32 by the time of the first movie and ~62 in the new one, but probably closer to 64.”

While another fan shared: “I don't know why I've seen so much confusion about Captain Marvel's age. If "Crazy on You" is playing during the go-kart scene and that Carol is meant to be 13 I'd guesstimate she was born around 1963. Films taking place in 2025 would put her around 62.”

The Marvels will be released Nov. 10 2023

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