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Breakfast Club's Anthony Michael Hall becomes a dad aged 55

Breakfast Club's Anthony Michael Hall becomes a dad aged 55

Hall said he's 'really enjoying' learning to be a dad alongside his wife, Lucia Hall

The Breakfast Club star Anthony Michael Hall has become a dad for the first time after welcoming a baby with his wife, Lucia Hall.

For decades, fans of the iconic 80s movie have watched Hall in a perpetual state of teenage-hood, bringing to life the character of the shy 'pushover', Brian Johnson.

Hall has obviously grown up a lot since he starred in The Breakfast Club - in fact he's also racked up a whole host of movie credits since then - and at the age of 55, Hall now has a child of his own.

Anthony Michael Hall played Brian Johnson in The Breakfast Club.
Universal Pictures

The actor and his wife welcomed the newborn on 1 June, but have just recently opened up about the newest member of the family in an interview with People.

They revealed that the baby is a boy, who was born in Los Angeles.

Since then, Hall has been getting used to exactly what it means to have kids - and in the meantime has probably gained a new appreciation for the adults in The Breakfast Club, trying to deal with all of those rule-breaking students.

"That first month of parenting is pretty wild," Hall admitted, though he said the experience is 'great', and that he and Lucia are both 'excited'.

He continued: "Everything that everybody tells you is pretty true: you lose sleep and it's the craziest time, but it's the best time. So we're really enjoying it."

The couple decided to name their child Michael Anthony Hall II, since that was the name Hall himself was given when he was born.

Michael Anthony Hall II is Hall's first child.
Kevin Winter / Staff

The actor had to change his name when joining the Screen Actor's Guild in 1976, so decided to swap his first and middle name.

Explaining the decision, Hall said: "I knew I did want to name him Michael and my wife also loved that name, even before she met me. So we've shared that, and then we decided to go with the suffix so he's Michael Anthony Hall II because there are a lot of juniors in the world.

"There’s nothing wrong with that, but we figured we wanted to keep that full name."

Hall expressed his amazement at how his wife 'floated beautifully through her pregnancy', and said that 'other than being a little sleep deprived', she's doing 'really great' as a mom.

"We just love it, it’s been amazing to really fully be in parent mode," he said.

Hall continued: "I couldn't be happier because I always knew, even when I was a young man, that I wanted to get started later. Here I am at 55, and I’m fully committed. I’m excited. My wife and I are really into parenting and diving in."

As well as The Breakfast Club, Hall has appeared in movies such as Weird Science, The Dark Knight and Foxcatcher.

Featured Image Credit: Robin L Marshall / Stringer/Kevin Winter / Staff

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