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First trailer drops for Boy Kills World and people are amazed after realizing who narrates it
Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate Movies

First trailer drops for Boy Kills World and people are amazed after realizing who narrates it

Bill Skarsgård stars as a deaf and mute character in the movie who is led by his inner voice

The first trailer for Bill Skarsgård's upcoming movie Boy Kills World is here, but it's not just the intense action that people are focusing on.

Skarsgård stars in the new movie alongside Famke Janssen, and both stars feature in the trailer as it reveals how Skarsgård's character, Boy, was left deaf and mute as his family was murdered.

A voiceover informs viewers of Skarsgård's story as it narrates the violence and drama, but after the trailer's release last night (February 22), fans started to listen more closely to the voice telling the story.

It's a gravelly voice; one that actually claims to belong to Skarsgård's character - but that's not actually the case.

After realizing who the voice actually belonged to, viewers were left shocked and challenged other people to try and figure it out.

"You will never in a million years guess who narrates this trailer and plays the inner voice. NEVER," one viewer posted on X.

A completely different actor plays the inner voice.
Lionsgate Movies

What makes the game harder is the fact that the person narrating the trailer doesn't actually appear, meaning we're left to try and match the voice to an unknown face.

Some viewers got it wrong, with one writing: "I dreaded it might be Ryan Reynolds. Never have I been so happy to be wrong."

Another commented: "Chris Pratt also was a scary possibility."

But for everyone who got the name of the voice actor wrong, there were also a number of people who got it right.

As it turns out the voiceover is actually conducted by none other than H. Jon Benjamin. And if that name doesn't ring a bell, how about if I say 'Bob from Bob's Burgers', 'Archer from Archer', or 'Carl from Family Guy'?

Viewers have been left shocked by the revelation.

Yep, the same man who brings to life the iconic Bob Belcher is the voice claiming to belong to Skarsgård's character in Boy Kills World, and viewers are all for it.

"H. Jon Benjamin holds a unique place in the voice actor section of the industry in that he always sounds the same, yet is always the perfect choice for anything he does," one satisfied X user wrote.

Another commented: "Just an unreal choice."

Skarsgård's character is driven by his inner voice in the film after co-opting it from his favorite childhood video game.

Benjamin was added to the movie following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In the movie, Boy trains with a mysterious shaman, played by Yayan Ruhian, to become a weapon in himself and let loose against those who have wronged him.

Fans will be able to see the mayhem unfold when the movie releases on April 26.

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