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‘Proud’ actress defends filming real-life sex scenes for controversial film
Featured Image Credit: Revolution Films/ Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage

‘Proud’ actress defends filming real-life sex scenes for controversial film

Margo Stilley earned her first acting credit in the controversial noughties movie

The Host and How to Lose Friends & Alienate People actor Margo Stilley defended her decision to film real-life sex scenes in a controversial noughties movie.

Stilley has appeared in several films and TV shows throughout her career, but it's actually her first-ever on-screen credit that can be considered to be the most shocking of the lot.

Filmed in 2004, Stilley starred alongside Kieran O'Brien in the romantic drama which leaves little to the imagination as it details 'intense sexual encounters' between an American college student and an English scientist.

Stilley took on the role of the student in the movie titled 9 Songs, and at the time, it earned the description of one of the most explicit mainstream movies ever thanks to the fact it featured real-life sex, as opposed to simulated encounters.

With a rating of just 24 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, 9 Songs isn't exactly beloved by movie fans and, in fact, earned criticism for its numerous sex scenes, which one reviewer described as 'exceedingly boring'.

However, Stilley has stood by her decision to actually perform on camera despite the fact it left people 'really angry' with her.

Margo Stilley starred as Lisa in 9 Songs.
StudioCanal UK/Revolution Films

In a 2008 interview with the Irish Examiner, she explained: "When I did press conferences people would shout abuse at me."

Stilley described being called a 'wh**e' and a 'sl*t', adding: "People ask me if I felt that [director] Michael Winterbottom took advantage of me because I hadn't acted before, but they forget that I developed the character."

When asked about people's reactions, Stilley pointed out that the movie was 'about love and sex', adding: "It wasn't porn."

"I mean, I had sex with my boyfriend last night and that wasn't porn," she continued. "It was just hot sex! 9 Songs was a real film about love and sex, and I wanted to do that film and I am proud of it."

Margot Stilley said the film 'hasn't affected' her career.
Mike Marsland/WireImage

Despite being thrust into the spotlight thanks to 9 Songs, Stilley went on to assure that she doesn't feel she has been 'typecast' as a result.

"I honestly can say it hasn't affected my career," she said. "I don't get seen only for roles as women who have sex a lot."

Prior to becoming an actor, Stilley worked as a model after leaving her home in North Carolina and flying to Milan.

She later ended up in London, where she landed a part in an Israeli advertisement through a modelling contact.

Those in charge of the advert knew the casting department for 9 Songs, and after the necessary introductions were made, Stilley went on to become their star, playing the role of Lisa.

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