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The Witcher's Cassie Clare's first message after being cast was racist comment from fan

The Witcher's Cassie Clare's first message after being cast was racist comment from fan

Despite being excited to appear in the Netflix show, entering the world of The Witcher hasn't been easy for one cast member.

Adapting a beloved fantasy series often comes with its fair share of problems, including some of its fans.

In a new interview, Cassie Clare has revealed that the first comment she received was from a racist ‘fan’ after being cast in The Witcher.

While they may be able to accept elves and mages, it seems seeing a Black woman playing Philippa Eilhart was too much for one viewer.

Her character made her first appearance back in the second series, with Clare portraying one of the most powerful sorceresses on the Continent.

Devious, cunning and eager to seize power within the warring world, she returns this series with a bang just as Geralt (Cavill) is trying to protect his newly reunited family.

The Witcher is breaking boundaries with it casting.

While her appearance has been eagerly awaited by fans of the books and video games, Clare didn’t have the easiest introduction to The Witcher world.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, she said: “I think when I first was announced in the show, this is why you stay off socials, my first message was, 'But Philippa is white - so how are you going to play her?'”

Frustratingly, the racist fan couldn’t get past how Philippa was portrayed in The Witcher games and the comment stayed with the actor long after it was sent.

"You think to yourself, you're just going to throw those things away and people send loads of lovely messages, but for some reason that one sticks in your head," she confessed.

Thankfully, coming to set provided an escape for Clare who was able to ‘forget’ what was happening with some fans on the outside.

Clare says being on set helped her forget the backlash.

Clare isn’t the only one braving the wrath of Witcher fans.

Her co-star Hugh Skinner's character Radovid shares the show's first gay romance with beloved bard Jaskier.

As an openly gay man, Skinner was eager to take on the role despite the potential for a homophobic backlash.

“But that's why the job was exciting,” he gushed to UNILAD, adding it was the huge fandom and reach of the show that attracted him.

“You just try and be as truthful as you can every scene and then it's only sort of now again, you realise it."

Thankfully, most fans have welcomed both Philippa and Radovid to the world of The Witcher with open arms - with both characters getting increased screen time in volume two of season three.

Only time will tell whether fans will be just as accepting of Liam Hemsworth as takes on the role of the titular Witcher next season.

The Witcher Series 3: Vol 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Karwai Tang / Contributor/Netflix

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