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People are raving over Netflix's Ryan Gosling crime thriller that's based on a true story
Featured Image Credit: Magnolia Pictures

People are raving over Netflix's Ryan Gosling crime thriller that's based on a true story

It's definitely one to watch this weekend

People have been raving about a Ryan Gosling movie that's made its way to Netflix.

The crime-thriller, which also stars Kirsten Dunst, is from way back in 2010, but many have discovered it for the first time after finding it on the streaming platform.

And viewers have been left gripped to the movie, which is based on a true story.

The movie stars Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst.
Magnolia Pictures

The film focuses on a man named David Marks (Gosling) who comes from a hugely lucrative family.

David lives in the shadow of his father, Sandford (Frank Langella) and goes against his wishes when he meets and marries Katie (Dunst).

Katie doesn't have the same family wealth and isn't considered 'suitable' by Sandford, but the pair end up going ahead with the wedding anyway.

While their married life begins well, it soon deteriorates after David agrees to go into the family business, something Katie objects to.

This wasn't always the plan, but when the couple's wellness shop ends up going bust, David gets more involved in the company.

When David confronts Katie at their summer house after a row, she disappears. What follows is a series of murders that David is questioned about, but never charged.

All Good Things is loosely based on the real story of the Durst family, and specifically a man named Robert Durst, who Gosling represents in the movie.

People have been glued to the film, with fans over on the Netflix Bangers Facebook Group discussing it.

One wrote: "One of the BEST movies I have ever seen! 10/10."

While another said: "This was a wonderful movie, and sadly a true story."

And a third added: "Loved this!"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Very disturbing movie. I could only watch it once."

All Good Things is on Netflix.
Magnolia Pictures

Though others said they never saw Gosling the same after watching it.

One user warned: "Good movie but you are going to look at him very differently after you see it."

Someone else agreed, adding: "Speaking of The Jinx, All Good Things is on Netflix if you would like to ruin Ryan Gosling for yourself for a while."

And another wrote on X: "Just watched the excellent All Good Things oldish movie from 2010 on Netflix. Frank Langella is so creepy as Ryan Gosling's super wealthy, corrupt Manhattan real estate developer dad. One wife disappears, another takes a bad fall. (Perhaps more timely after all...?) Recommend!"

You can watch All Good Things on Netflix now.

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