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People furious as Netflix cancels 'best movie of all time' before it even starts filming

People furious as Netflix cancels 'best movie of all time' before it even starts filming

People have been left fuming by the loss of the movie which could have been

Sometimes the one that got away can be the best thing you've heard of.

That's certainly the case for some movie fans after they found out that Netflix had cancelled an upcoming film, despite it sounding like 'the best movie of all time'.

The cancellation was tweeted by @CultureCrave, who wrote: "Adam McKay's 'Average Height, Average Build' is canceled at Netflix.

"The film would've starred Robert Pattinson as a serial killer who joins politics to change the laws to be more murder-friendly.

"Robert Downey Jr. would've played a retired cop who won't give up on the murders."

That certainly sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

How would you make the law more 'murder-friendly' though? I suppose you could put lots of loopholes in so it's only 'murder' under very specific circumstances?

But fans were disappointed with the news, with one tweeting: "Netflix casually cancelling what sounds like the best movie of all time."

Robert Downey Jr would play a cop who won't give up on the cases.
Karwai Tang/WireImage

They added: "Like that plot sounds so interesting and the casting too? Another studio needs to take over bro please."

Many people were horrified by the decision to cancel the project.

One wrote: "Like seriously when they first announced this i was hooked already, wtf Netflix."

Another suggested someone else could pick it up, tweeting: "HBO has a chance to do the most incredible thing ever."

A third wrote: "Ahhhh come on, this would've been so interesting."




But not everyone was quite as heartbroken about the film being cancelled, with some going so far as to say that it would probably not have been as good as they think.

One person tweeted: "Obviously like oh no art is being killed by corporations and all but I cannot stress enough how this would have been the worst film ever."

Robert Pattinson would play a serial killer who becomes a politician to relax the law on murder.
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Another wrote: "Genuinely sounds like a plot to a typical film students over ambitious thesis project, and I’m surprised so many people are sad it’s not happening."

Many other people took issue with the choice of director, which was Adam McKay, known for Don't Look Up.

While the movie was a big hit for Netflix, it's safe to say that it divided opinion.

Critics decried its view of politics as 'apolitical', which only contributed to the 'self-regarding media landscape'.

But one climate found it to be a disturbingly accurate reflection of what he experiences every day with climate change.

One thing is for sure, if the movie was made it could have caused one hell of a stir.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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