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What happened to Detective Mat Mustard after disturbing American Nightmare Netflix documentary
Featured Image Credit: Vallejo Police Department/Netflix

What happened to Detective Mat Mustard after disturbing American Nightmare Netflix documentary

A new Netflix documentary has viewers asking questions about what happened to the detective who didn't believe the kidnapping victim.

The shocking Netflix documentary American Nightmare has stunned viewers and left them with questions regarding the investigations.

Netflix fans have found their latest binge watch, and it has left them with a slew of questions.

The streaming platform’s true crime documentary American Nightmare focuses on the disturbing story what happened to Denise Huskins and her then boyfriend, Aaron Quinn.

Huskins was kidnapped in 2015, but after going to the police, instead of being believed they were accused of creating a hoax.

To make matters worse, the police accused Aaron of being involved and the two were branded as time wasters.

The pair, who are both physical therapists, went to bed in Aaron’s house in Vallejo, California, one night and were awoken by intruders.

Intruders broke into the home, tied them up and drugged and blindfolded.

Denise was kidnapped and held for ransom, but when Aaron reported the crime, police ended up suspecting him instead.

Even when Denise was released two days later, after being drugged and raped by her abductor - police still claimed the story didn't make sense.

After going to the police, Aaron was questioned for 18 hours by police.

The documentary goes into the story in detail, but fans have been left with a question regarding what happened to the lead detective, Mat Mustard, who interrogated Aaron for his involvement in Denise's disappearance.

Aaron was questioned for 18 hours by police. He was also forced to take a lie detector test and was told he failed, causing further distress.

While people doubted the couple for weeks, three months later, Dublin PD were investigating a similar case and found evidence relating to Denise's kidnapping in the possession of a man named Matthew Muller.

Huskins was kidnapped in 2015 and after the terrifying ordeal the couple went to the police but were not believed.

Muller ended up being sentenced to 40 years in prison, meanwhile the couple sued the City of Vallejo for defamation and won a $2.5 million settlement.

However, the case was settled outside of court meaning no officials were disciplined for their role in the harrowing experience for the couple.

Looking into Mat Mustard, reports have stated he received the Officer of the Year award in 2015 from his local department, and he was president of the Vallejo Police Officers Association from 2009 to 2019.

In 2018, it is believed that Mustard was promoted to Sergeant. He is said to be serving as a detective sergeant for the Vallejo Police Department in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

UNILAD has contacted the Vallejo Police Department for comment.

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