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Orange Is The New Black star Kimiko Glenn made only $27.30 in royalties for starring in 44 episodes

Orange Is The New Black star Kimiko Glenn made only $27.30 in royalties for starring in 44 episodes

She was in plenty of the show but hasn't had many royalties from it

A star of the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black has revealed how much she made in royalties after appearing in 44 episodes of the show and it's really not a lot.

It was one of the most popular shows on Netflix so you might think getting to appear in plenty of episodes would be quite the lucrative deal for your career.

However, according to Kimiko Glenn who played Brook Soso for 44 episodes of the show, it's not as much as you'd expect.

She posted on TikTok to reveal how much she'd made in royalties from the show and the total amount was just $27.30, that decimal point in there is not a typo.

The star later added that she felt she'd 'deserve to get paid for as many streams as that s**t gets' and addressed the matter of her up-front pay too, saying she 'did not get paid very well' for appearing on Orange Is The New Black.

Kimiko Glenn was in 44 episodes of Orange Is The New Black.
Paul Zimmerman/WireImage/Getty Images

Glenn said people working on Orange Is The New Black 'had to keep their second jobs because they couldn't afford to not' and claimed they 'couldn't afford cabs to set'.

She broke down her earnings saying she got $900 per day of shooting and that this happened about 'twice every two weeks', and then you had to 'take away taxes, commissions' which left her with about $450 per week.

Explaining that she eared somewhere around $1800 for a month's work she said 'that doesn't make rent' in New York City where she lived.

Digging further into the finances she said that when they started getting paid more they also started getting taxed more, with more than half their paycheck going out of their pocket as they had taxes, managers, lawyers and publicists to pay.

This ties into the ongoing strike as actors have joined writers on the picket line in a protest 'against studios and streamers'.

Her royalties for 44 episodes of the hit Netflix show came out to just over $27.

There's no announced end date for the strike and around 160,000 actors and performers are involved.

Strike action for actors has been described as a 'last resort' after several weeks of talks failed to find a solution.

That means no 'on camera work', no promoting projects and no agreeing new contracts which covers the vast majority of what an actor would do.

A former Hollywood executive has said the industry might collapse if a deal isn't struck by September, while Disney CEO Bob Iger has claimed the demands put in front of them aren't realistic.

UNILAD has contacted Netflix and Lionsgate for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @kimikoglenn/ TikTok / @itskimiko

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