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Netflix Launches New Feature After Pete Davidson's SNL Sketch

Netflix Launches New Feature After Pete Davidson's SNL Sketch

The new feature has been inspired by a huge first world problem that's the subject of SNL's latest sketch

Netflix has launched a brand new feature inspired by a suggestion made in a Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live sketch, and it’s a surprisingly logical idea. 

Many of us are used to scrolling endlessly through streaming services in a bid to find something to watch that’s not just good, but also not a three-hour epic that we know we simply won’t get through without nodding off. 

This first-world problem was the subject of a recent SNL sketch, in which Davidson was joined by Chris Redd, Simon Rex and musical guest Gunna to rap about the length of movies on Netflix – saying they’re not hitting play unless it’s ‘under two hours’. 

YouTube/Saturday Night Live

At the beginning of the sketch, Davidson raps: “These days, when I sit down to watch a movie, I can find just about anything in the world / But night after night, there’s only one kind of movie I’m always looking for / And that’s a short ass movie, a really short movie – like at most an hour 40.” 

Suggestions made by Gunna included The Lion King (1h 29m), Bad Moms (1hr 40) and Austin Powers (1hr 27), while films vetoed by the group were titles like Once Upon a Time in America (3hr 47) and Sex and the City 2 (2hr 26)... although admittedly there’s probably more to be concerned about with that last one than the runtime. 

YouTube/Saturday Night Live

After the sketch aired, Netflix tweeted to say that it was a done deal, quote-tweeting the clip and writing: “Good idea.” 

The streamer added a link to the new collection at, having nabbed the catchy term used in the SNL rap. 

Fans are already impressed with the new feature, with one tweeting: “Such a good idea...1hr 40 max.” 

Someone else said: “This should be a permanent feature! Short-ass movies for the win always!” 

A third wrote: “Y’all that’s some deft marketing.” 

Even Simon Rex was impressed, sharing Netflix’s post and saying: “This is nuts! One day later!” 

Of course, you may have noticed that Davidson’s semi-autobiographical 2020 flick The King of Staten Island is, in fact, over one hour 40 – in fact, it’s quite a lengthy number, clocking in at 2 hours 17. However, that’s actually addressed right at the end of the sketch, with Rex asking Davidson: “How long is The King of Staten Island?” 

Davidson sheepishly admits: “Oh... It was, like, two hours and 17 minutes – but we needed all those minutes!” 

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Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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