The Morbius Cinema Re-Release Was A Disaster

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The Morbius Cinema Re-Release Was A Disaster

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Following an absolute shocker of an opening back in April, Sony decided to put Morbius back into cinemas once more, a move which turned out to be even more disastrous than its original release.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you will almost certainly be aware of the cinematic failure that is Morbius.

The superhero flick is Sony's latest attempt at building a Spider-Man cinematic universe without the webslinger present. You can watch the trailer here:


Starring Jared Leto as a terminally ill biochemist who transforms into a vampiric antihero, the movie has been slated by critics and fans alike since dropping on 31 March, earning a measly 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

And it didn't take long for the online community to take note, with a whole host of hilarious Morbius-based memes doing the rounds on social media.

Leto himself even got in on the fun, sharing a video of him pretending to read a script for the fictitious sequel - It's Morbin' Time.

Jared Leto decided to embrace the Morbius memes. Credit: Twitter
Jared Leto decided to embrace the Morbius memes. Credit: Twitter

Whether or not this had something to do with Sony's decision to re-release the film in theatres over the weekend is yet to be seen, but they went ahead and did it anyway.

And it'll come as no surprise that it was even more a flop the second time round, drawing in just $300,000 (£238,000) across 1,037 cinemas.

As outlined by Forbes, this translates as just $289 (£660) per theatre. Womp, womp.

For context, it first opened in the box office with an estimated $39.1 million (£31m) – not terrible, but not a patch on its $75 million (£59m) budget.

Amid its second flop, you can bet people were on hand for a steady roasting, with one writing on Twitter: "Making Morbius bomb twice is like the only sign I’ve seen in the past decade capitalism can be defeated by the will of the people."

Another quipped: "They could have saved Morbius from a second flop if they would have just added the line 'It’s morbin time' to the movie."


While a third tagged Sony and said: "Unfortunately me and many other #MORBHEADS didn't get to see #Morbius on the second release, I really think Morbius would really benefit from a third one."

Others took the chance to discuss what they don't like about the film, including this person who commented: "Morbius' problems as a movie stand in the fact that it's bland and poorly written, the acting and CGI are the only redeemable things in the movie."

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