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Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez trolled for saying Marvel is making too many movies

Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez trolled for saying Marvel is making too many movies

In other news a pot called a kettle black

Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez is being trolled after a clip of her talking about how many Marvel movies there are resurfaced.

Rodriguez was at ComicCon last year to promote Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves when she suggested that different movie studios should team up and merge their franchises for a bit of fun.

"There's so many movies I'd like to see merge, like think about it, the world's your oyster," she said, having pitched the idea that the Fast and Furious crew could rock up in a Transformers movie.

"Where can you go? How many Marvel movies can you make? Like, come on guys, at some point we've got to get innovative with this."

Her comments attracted a bit of criticism from Marvel fans who thought a big star from a long-running franchise with lots of movies might not be best placed to criticise a long-running franchise with lots of movies.

Some fans trolled Rodriguez for her comments, others thought Marvel fans needed to chill out.

At this point the MCU is well over a decade deep and at this point it's not really just a cinematic universe anymore as there's a whole range of TV series to keep up with as well.

Plans for the next few years are already laid down and it's hard to see Disney shutting the book on a guaranteed payday when the next phase or two is over.

Still, there are plenty of fans who wanted to disagree with Rodriguez for what she said, with one person declaring she had 'no business coming at Marvel for making too many movies' and another saying it was 'one helluva glass house to be throwing stones in'.

Someone else thought it was 'one door she should have kept closed' as it had stirred up the hive of Marvel fans ready to defend their beloved films, and a fourth said Fast and Furious was just 'like the MCU but with cars'.

Others agreed with Rodriguez, suggesting that the 'MUC can't last forever' and telling Marvel fans 'y'all need to chill'.

People trolled the Fast and Furious star for hitting out at a multi-movie franchise where they basically do the same thing each movie.

While some viewers may have dropped off the MCU, Marvel movie box office hauls indicate that enough people are showing up to the cinemas to watch the films so plenty aren't all that tired yet.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez is in a big entertainment juggernaut of her own which has managed to pull in big audiences time and time again over the years.

The Fast and Furious films have racked up 10 main flicks along with spin-off Hobbs and Shaw featuring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, with other movies and another spin-off in the pipeline.

Like the MCU flicks they also bring it in big at the box office, but they too face similar criticism for being a bit formulaic.

On the other hand, unlike the MCU the Fast and Furious films do seem to have something resembling a finish line in sight as Fast X, the latest movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, is supposed to start winding things down.

Even if some people may be starting to get tired of the franchises they appear to have enough left in the tank for a good while yet.

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