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Marvel fans warned next She-Hulk episode post-credits scene will be ‘craziest thing MCU has ever done’

Marvel fans warned next She-Hulk episode post-credits scene will be ‘craziest thing MCU has ever done’

"The internet will break, be prepared"

Marvel fans have been warned that the next She-Hulk: Attorney At Law post-credits scene will be the 'craziest thing MCU has ever done'.

Episode three of the superhero series is set to drop on Disney+ this Thursday (1 September), and it sounds like there's a lot to be excited about.

Up until now, the Marvel show has broken the trend of introducing new characters or offering wild revelations about the wider shared universe in the post-credits scenes, instead using the moments to deliver a bit of comedic fun.

However, influencer and movie fanatic @hzjoe claims that this is set to change this week, writing on Twitter: "She Hulk episode 3, post credit scene. The internet will break. Be prepared."

In a separate tweet he explained that it's 'not a cameo', adding: "It’s not just gonna be a surprise to die hard Marvel fans. It’s going to be a surprise for EVERYONE."

It didn't take long for the online community to start speculating, with many suggesting it might be something to do with Megan Thee Stallion.

You see, the news that the rapper has joined the cast was confirmed in a recent interview with The Cut, although as it stands no one knows in what capacity she will appear.

Replying to @hzjoe's post, one person wrote: "I hope it's not the Meg The Stallion thing. Don't think a Meg The Stallion feature in the MCU is enough to break the internet."

Megan Thee Stallion is set to make her MCU debut.
REUTERS/Alamy Stock Photo

But the influencer reminded everyone that it's 'not a cameo' that is going to have people shocked, adding that the Megan Thee Stallion thing is already public knowledge and so it wouldn't be an 'internet breaking surprise'.

Another commenter said, "I hope y’all aren’t overhyping this," to which @hzjoe replied: "Oh trust me, we are not. It’s the craziest thing the MCU has ever done."

Honestly, we're stumped. Is this simply a clever way to get people to tune into the show or will there really be an internet-breaking reveal in the next post-credits scene? Guess all we can do is sit tight and wait to find out.

Until then, take a look at what fans think is a smart but subtle nod to Tim Roth's stellar performance in Reservoir Dogs.

Anyone who's been watching She-Hulk will be aware that the second episode saw Roth's The Abomination make his return to the MCU once more.

When a promo poster for his comeback appeared, showing Roth standing over a city washed in orange, people were quick to suggest the colour palette was a nod to the star's character Mr. Orange in Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece.

As said by one on Instagram: ""Mr. Orange, she-hulk marketing campaign getting the reservoir dogs connection here."

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