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Kevin Feige Got Mad At Ms Marvel Star For Watching WandaVision On Her Phone
Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Disney+

Kevin Feige Got Mad At Ms Marvel Star For Watching WandaVision On Her Phone

WandaVision deserved more, according to the Marvel boss

The star of Ms. Marvel managed to make her new boss Kevin Feige mad after admitting she watched WandaVision on her phone.

Iman Vellani has absolutely smashed it as the titular superhero in the new Disney+ show, about a Marvel superfan who discovers she has powers just like the heroes she looks up to.

And if that weren't meta enough, the 19-year-old star is a fan of the comic book franchise herself, and enjoys the MCU as it continues to expand.

But when Feige found out that she'd watched the hit Elizabeth Olsen-led series WandaVision on her phone, he wasn't best pleased.

WandaVision dropped in January 2021.

We know this thanks to Saagar Shaikh, who plays Vellani's on-screen brother Aamir Khan in the show.

Speaking to Marvel following Ms. Marvel's release, he said: "I'll tell you a secret. Kevin Feige got mad at her for watching WandaVision on her phone. He's like, 'They're not made for phones! Watch it on TV!'"

To be fair, the Marvel Studios President does have a point. Although it doesn't sound like it hindered Vellani's experience, at least according to another of her co-stars Zenobia Shroff, who portrays her character's mum Muneeba Khan.

“She was on her iPad between takes," she said. "WandaVision had come out, and [while she was watching] she said ‘What?’ out loud and she fell to the floor because she was so excited about what she had just seen."

Shroff added: "I don't know what it was. I didn't want to interrupt her viewing. But yeah, she's very excited. She's a fangirl."

Vellani's knowledge of the MCU has worked in her favour and allowed her to contribute creatively to the show.

As said by Ms. Marvel writer Bisha K. Ali, the actor has a 'creative mind' and a level of 'maturity' that proved they'd made the right decision in picking her for the role.

"She wants to be in this industry regardless, and well done for us and lucky for us that she's obsessed with Marvel, and that she loves it so much," said Ali.

"I think all of that really comes through in what gives her the ability to play this role and just embody this role, but also what's going to give her the ability to navigate the future within this character and within her wider universe."

Iman Vellani went from being a superfan to a superhero.

The first two episodes of Ms. Marvel are streaming on Disney+ now, and the rest will land weekly until the finale of the six-episode run on 13 July.

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