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Joseph Quinn Wants To Play Robert Downey Jr. In Biopic About His Life

Joseph Quinn Wants To Play Robert Downey Jr. In Biopic About His Life

The Stranger Things star said Robert Downey Jr. is 'one of his favourite' actors

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn has revealed that he’d love to star as Robert Downey Jr. in a biopic one day. 

The 29-year-old took on the role of Eddie Munson in the fourth season of Stranger Things and has earned himself an army of new fans since appearing on the show. 

Looking ahead, the British actor has revealed that he quite fancies a shot at playing fellow actor Robert Downey Jr. in the future should the opportunity arise. 

Appearing on the Stranger Things TODAY YouTube channel, Quinn said the Marvel star is ‘one of his favourite’ actors and that should a movie ever be made about his ‘interesting’ life he’d happily throw his hat in the ring. 

Viewers of the finale have gone wild for Eddie's guitar playing scene at the end of Season Four.

The hosts pointed out that fans have made comparisons between Quinn and Downey Jr., asking him if that’s something he’d seen himself - or if he’d be keen to one day play the star. 

Quinn responded: “I mean, I can’t… I’ve never kind of checked myself out in the mirror and been, like, ‘looking pretty RDJ today’. No, I mean, I’m not going to lie, I’ve got, like, Justin Timberlake, a little bit in the past, which is not bad. 

“But RDJ is one of my favourite actors - I think he’s brilliant. And to be compared to him is amazing. He’s had a pretty interesting life, so like I don't know… yeah. I’d totally play. Yeah, we’ll see.”

When the hosts suggested that he could ‘one day’ play a young Iron Man, Quinn responded: “That would be pretty cool, right?”

And Quinn isn’t the only who’d be eager to see him take on the role of Downey Jr., on social media fans have been suggesting the actor would be the perfect guy to play the Sherlock Holmes star if required.

Joseph Quinn and Gaten Matarazzo.

Posting on Twitter one said: “If there would be a Robert Downey Jr. biopic, I would so want Joseph Quinn to play him.”

Another wrote: “If your Robert Downey Jr. movie needs a young version of RDJ, you don’t need to spend the money on digitally de-aging him. Just cast Joseph Quinn.”

While someone else tweeted: “Joseph Quinn has strong early 90s Robert Downey Jr. vibes. Like, it’s not necessary at all to remake Heart and Souls, but if they had to, he could do it.”

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Featured Image Credit: Stranger Things TODAY/YouTube/Alamy

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