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Jeopardy! host roasts contestant after he incorrectly guesses Rihanna's 'baby daddy'

Jeopardy! host roasts contestant after he incorrectly guesses Rihanna's 'baby daddy'

Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings made a hilarious joke after a contestant incorrectly guessed Rihanna's 'baby daddy'

Even Jeopardy! champions get questions extremely wrong sometimes.

If you are well versed in all the many categories of information that are out there going on TV gameshow Jeopardy! probably isn’t a bad idea.

With that being said, for your many triumphs... in the age of the internet your failures can stick around for a while.

While people on social media making a few ridiculing jabs at you might be expected, you don’t often expect the show's host to join in.

That is what Jeopardy! champion Amar Kakirde had to deal with on Monday (May 27).

Amar Kakirde's answer left viewers baffled. (NBC)
Amar Kakirde's answer left viewers baffled. (NBC)

In fact, people online have been questioning how he could answer the question so poorly.

Jeopardy! on Memorial Day saw contestants Amar, Tim Keily, and Ryan Alcorn battling it out.

Amar had won the previous three days so it is clear he certainly knows what he is doing when it comes to the gameshow at least.

During 'Double Jeopardy!' Ryan chose 'Name The Celebrity' for $400 and the clue was: "A Rapper; has 2 kids with Rihanna; Actor in Dope & 2018's Monsters."

If you are up to date on your music, celebrity or pop culture knowledge you might be able to guess A$AP Rocky without a second thought.

However, Amar did not.

He wrote Jay-Z, you know, the hip-hop pioneer who is very publicly and famously married to Beyoncé.

It seemed Amar knew he was well off as he made a pained expression after he said his answer.

Host Ken Jennings was quick to make a joke. (NBC)
Host Ken Jennings was quick to make a joke. (NBC)

Before his competitors could give an answer, Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings joked: "Big news for Beyoncé, if true."

People on X weren’t much kinder, with many remarking how hilarious they all found the moment.

“Jay-Z is not with Rihanna, oh my gosh Jeopardy Guy, study for real,” one user commented.

Another added: "Need a deep dive into the brain of the man on Jeopardy tonight who thought that Rihanna has kids with Jay-Z."

A third wrote: “Beyoncé will have a cat fight with Rihanna after this."

While someone else, with a slew of laughing emojis, said: "He said Jay-Z then quickly realized his mistake."

While Amar didn’t get the question right he did go on to win his fourth game in a row and finished with a total of $14,500.

Over his four-day winning streak he has been able to earn $55,899 and the host said that one more win would guarantee him an invite for Tournament of Champions.

Featured Image Credit: NBC/Amy Sussman/WireImage via Getty

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