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Girl makes real-life Iron Man suit which Tony Stark would be proud of

Girl makes real-life Iron Man suit which Tony Stark would be proud of

Marvel fans: Prepare to be blown away.

A girl is blowing Marvel fans' minds with the spot-on Iron Man suit she made from scratch that would make even Tony Stark proud.

Chicago-based creator Kiara has become somewhat of a legend at Comic Cons across the US for her perfect Iron Man suit, complete with light-up repulsors and chest piece.

Kiara has been documenting the building process from start to finish across her TikTok and YouTube accounts, taking her hundreds of thousands of followers along with her every step of the way – though it probably isn't the easiest tutorial to follow along with from home.

Kiara has spent an unimaginable number of hours designing the suit, 3D printing it, and painting it, leaving her with an exact replica of the iconic Tony Stark number.

Not only does the exoskeleton of the suit look and move exactly like the Iron Man armour, but it's got its own Jarvis system.

With that, she can speak into a microphone in the helmet and control everything.

So just your average hobby, then!

In her TikTok videos, Kiara shows followers extra additions she makes to the suit along the way, including shoulder missiles, forearm missiles, sound effects, and repulsors that emit smoke.

In total, Kiara has built a total of five Iron Man suits, including the Mark 42 and the Mark 6.

The most recent is, obviously, her most impressive work to date. It replicates Tony Stark's battle-damaged suit with (purposely placed!) scratches and burns across the helmet and chest.

After months of hard work, Kiara finished her latest suit just last week, and has already taken it out for a spin at the Chicago C2E2 Comic Con.

While Kiara's armour-building hobby is probably one of the coolest we've ever seen, she's been pretty candid about the amount of money and time that goes into her costly projects.

In one video from her YouTube channel, where she makes separate updates on her building process, Kiara admitted that she has a hard time keeping track of costs.

However, when she was planning to build her Mark 6 armour, she estimated that, between electronics, paint, and filament, the total cost would come between $700 and $800 (£590 and £670).

Unless you have a budget like Tony Stark's, this probably isn't the kind of hobby you pick up on a whim. But if you do want to craft your own Iron Man suit from scratch, Kiara offers tutorials on different parts of the process on her YouTube channel.

Us? We might just stick to the movies for the time being.

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Featured Image Credit: @Kiaras_Workshop/TikTok

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