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Fans unsure what will happen to Ray Stevenson's character in Ahsoka season 2 after actor's tragic death
Featured Image Credit: Disney+

Fans unsure what will happen to Ray Stevenson's character in Ahsoka season 2 after actor's tragic death

The actor passed away earlier this year

As Star Wars fans mourn the death of Ray Stevenson, some Ahsoka viewers have questioned if his character will be recast.

Stevenson played Baylan Skoll in the highly acclaimed first season of the Star Wars spin-off on Disney+, but sadly died at the age of 58 in May 2023.

His cause of death has never been revealed.

Filming for Ahsoka is said to have wrapped in October 2022, just a few months before Stevenson's unexpected passing.

But his character's story has been left unfinished in the series, with Skoll expected to play an important role in the future.

A second series of Ahsoka is yet to be officially confirmed, but fans are already questioning if Skoll will be recast in the wake of Stevenson's tragic death - and many think whoever does take on the role has 'huge shoes to fill'.

One penned on X: "Rest in Power to Ray Stevenson.

"The next actor to continue the role, whoever that Lucasfilm chooses. They got some huge shoes to fill. Ray made Baylan Skoll legendary on the screen."

Ray Stevenson starred as Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka.

"Ray Stevenson truly made Baylan special but, I do hope he is recasted so we may see his story continue," added another.

While fans are sad that Stevenson won't be continuing the role of Skoll, some have shared their suggestions of who they think could replace the late actor.

"IF they chose to recast Baylan Skoll in AHSOKA S2, I have an idea: Hugh Jackman," a Star Wars fan said.

"I think he'd be a worthy replacement for Ray Stevenson on several fronts, including looks. That may be dismissed, but Baylan does have a strong, striking look and figure. Important element for me."

Another wrote: "Going to be an unpopular opinion but I wouldn't be upset if they eventually recast Baylan Skoll instead of disappearing the character or killing him off-screen.

"Graham McTavish from Game of Thrones and The Hobbit comes to mind as a good choice to fill Ray Stevenson's shoes."

The season finale of Ahsoka dropped this week.

The season finale of Ahsoka dropped on Tuesday (October 3), and hundreds of viewers took to social media to pay their respects to Stevenson afterwards, labeling his performance on the show as 'nothing short of incredible'.

"Ray Stevenson’s performance is without question one that will never be forgotten among Star Wars fans," said someone else in a heartfelt post.

"RIP Ray, and may the force be with you."

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