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Fans have spotted one major issue with Wolverine's new suit in Deadpool 3

Fans have spotted one major issue with Wolverine's new suit in Deadpool 3

Despite waiting over six years for Hugh Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine, fans are deeply divided by his new suit.

As hype builds for Deadpool 3, fans may have already spotted a problem with the yet-to-be-released film.

This comes after lead actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular merch with a mouth, shared a still from the Marvel film of himself and none other than Hugh Jackman.

Despite getting their first glimpse of Deadpool and Wolverine, the costuming for the iconic X-Men character has caused a stir among some fans.

Set to hit cinemas in May 2024, the MCU film will see Jackman return to the iconic role after six-year hiatus.

The Aussie actor last appeared as Wolverine in 2017, with the movie meant to be the last outing for the X-Men character.

After hinting about returning to the role, the 54-year-old announced that he would be donning the metal claws once again in a hilarious video with co-star Ryan Reynolds.

Nearly nine months later, fans finally got their first glimpse of the upcoming movie with Reynolds sharing a still on Instagram.

Though both leads wore costumes based on the classic Marvel comics, the image has pretty divisive – due to a tiny detail.

We've finally got our first glimpse at Deadpool and Wolverine.
20th Century Fox

Unlike his comic book alter-ego, Jackman’s new suit will feature bright yellow sleeves - majorly deviating for the comic book costume.

This is despite, the actor getting ripped for the upcoming role with some fans even calling for the X-Men actor’s arms to be released after seeing the promotional still.

Taking to Twitter, one fan pointedly wrote: “That Wolverine costume is abhorrent, get rid of the goddamn sleeves.”

Others agreed, with another adding: “I do like this Wolverine outfit, but we could get rid of the sleeves… let Hugh Jackman show off his arms!!”

However, not everyone was unimpressed by the subtle addition to the costume, with some fans even theorising about what this could mean for the film’s storyline.

One user gushed ‘Imagine Wolverine in anger ripping his sleeves and then popping his claws killing a bunch of TVA agents…poetic’, with a fourth adding a crying emoji and excitedly wrote: “Wolverines definitely going beserk and ripping his sleeves off isnt he.”

Wolverine's new suit is slightly different to his original one from the comic books.
Marvel Comics

Many fans were just excited to see Jackman finally wear the yellow and blue suit, unlike other versions of the character.

“I can't believe I'm seeing Hugh Jackman in a yellow and blue Wolverine suit,” wrote a fifth fan excitedly: “When I saw rumours that suit would have sleeves I was concerned (and I'd still rather it didn't) but he looks great.”

Much like Jackman’s arms, the film’s plot remains under wraps with neither of the lead actors giving away any details about the third installment.

However, they have been hyping up fans by continuing their legendary bromance on social media and playfully teasing each other about their training process.

We can’t wait to watch Wolverine in cinemas next year!

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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