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David Harbour says Stranger Things season 5 will be the perfect send-off for the show

David Harbour says Stranger Things season 5 will be the perfect send-off for the show

The actor behind Jim Hopper revealed the final season 'will be packed to the brim with good stuff' that fans love.

David Harbour believes the final season of Stranger Things will be the perfect sendoff for the show.

The actor, who plays the familiar and much-loved character of Jim Hopper on the Netflix series, is currently on a press tour to promote his new Christmas thriller Violent Night.

But, thankfully for us, he had enough time to take a few questions about season five of Stranger Things.

"It will be my goodbye to Jim Hopper, which is a big deal," Harbour told Collider.

Harbour is happy he won't have to farewell everybody's favourite small town cop just yet, though.

"Fortunately, I feel like I have a long time to say goodbye because I think we're going to take a long time shooting these episodes," he said.

Harbour at the Stranger Things 4 premiere in New York.

But Harbour reckons fans are in for a thrilling ride when the final episodes eventually drop.

"I know those Duffer brothers are very specific, and I know they want to get that last season," he said.

"I mean if you look at season four, I have a feeling that season five may not be as long, but it certainly will be packed to the brim with good stuff that you love."

He added: "I mean, they really are getting better at giving you that home run that the audiences love. And I think that season five will do that so much."

But is Harbour really ready to say goodbye to Jim Hopper? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, he's going to try and do this darnedest to give Jim the send-off he truly deserves.

"I'm going to pour my soul into it as hard as I can," Harbour said, before revealing that Hopper has been 'the role of a lifetime in many ways'.

We love Jim Hopper.

But it looks like fans will have a while to wait for the fifth and final season.

While we still have no official word on the final season’s release date, The Hollywood Reporter claims it is expected to run for eight episodes.

No doubt everyone will be clambering to find out what happens to Vecna, the town of Hawkins, Eleven, Will, Hopper, Joyce, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max and the whole gang.

We've been captivated by all the twists and turns so far and the Duffer Brothers will go all out to give us an ending we (hopefully) enjoy.

So, it looks like we'll have to hold out collective breath until we get to see those final episodes.

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